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All About the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

For over 12 years, CosMediTour have been helping clients to discover the beauty of self-confidence in Thailand. By partnering with the nation’s leading Plastic Surgeons and world-class Thailand hospitals, we’ve delivered thousands of exceptional plastic surgery results to our clients. We’re very proud to work with each one of our partners so, in this article, we profile the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI). Read on to learn all about this leading Thailand hospital and find out why we’ve chosen to work with them. 

History, Values & More

The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) was formed when two of Thailand’s leading aesthetic centres joined forces. Both the Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC) and the Bangkok-Phuket Institute of Cosmetic Surgery (BPICS) were pioneers in Thailand’s Medical Tourism movement—after offering their plastic surgery services separately for over a decade, the two merged to form the hub of modern plastic surgery excellence that is the PPSI hospital. 

Many of Thailand’s best Plastic Surgeons perform their procedures at the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. The hospital’s vision – ‘Always one step ahead’ – means that there’s a focus on outstanding surgical outcomes, with the state-of-the-art technology and advanced surgical facilities to support that. PPSI’s high-tech features include:

  • Advanced infection control technology
  • Ultra-modern operating theatres
  • Tele-consultations 
  • Crisalix 3D technology

Crisalix 3D technology uses current client photos to provide a 3D preview of possible surgical outcomes, allowing clients to visualise their results before their plastic surgery procedure. 

Client Safety Matters at PPSI

PPSI hospital maintains a strong focus on client safety and comfort. High standards of care and service extend to every aspect of the hospital—from Surgeons to Nurses, Administration staff, and beyond. On top of implementing a range of strict precautionary infection control measures, PPSI is closely monitored by Governmental and Health Authorities. All operating theatres are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, Lamina Airflow, and a Positive Pressure System to disinfect and minimise the risk of infection.  

Surprisingly, despite the advanced safety measures at PPSI, the hospital does not feel cold and clinical. PPSI hospital was designed with client comfort in mind. The wards and hospital rooms boast a range of items to ensure clients feel relaxed and comfortable before and after their procedures. The result is an environment that resembles a hotel rather than what you picture when you think ‘private hospital’. 

PPSI Hospital Location

So, how do you get to the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, you ask? As the name implies, the PPSI hospital is centrally located on the captivating island of Phuket. Set just over 30 minutes’ drive from the stunning Angsana Laguna Phuket and around a 40-minute drive from popular Patong Beach resort, Homm The Bliss Southbeach, PPSI hospital is easily accessible from both of our Phuket partner resorts. On the way, you’ll pass tropical vegetation, dazzling cultural sites, and glimpse the rich and diverse culture that Phuket is famous for. 

To learn more before you travel, click to access our Thailand Destination Guide.  

Procedures at PPSI

The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute is well equipped for Surgeons to perform a range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. These include:

If you’re ready to start your plastic surgery journey, find out if your preferred procedure is on offer at PPSI hospital by first completing our obligation-free online assessment

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute Surgeons

Have your heart set on a particular Plastic Surgeon? A handful of our leading Thailand Plastic Surgeons work out of the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. These include:

All these Surgeons have performed numerous procedures at PPSI hospital, delivering exceptional outcomes to hundreds of clients. Dr V was one of the founding members of Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (one of the centres that merged to form PPSI), and Dr Sanguan is the Chairman of the PPSI Surgical Committee. 

Thailand Hospital FAQs

What are hospitals like in Thailand?

Thailand is a technology hub. The hospitals are state-of-the-art, complete with advanced surgical set-ups and innovative technology. Client care in a Thailand hospital is on a whole new level—all medical and support staff are kind, caring, and attentive and, at PPSI hospital in particular, Surgeons take their time to explain procedures and options to clients. 

Will I get my own hospital room?

Yes—all CosMediTour packages include private hospital rooms. PPSI hospital rooms are set up to resemble luxury hotel rooms, so you can rest assured you’ll be in the utmost comfort during your initial recovery.

How long will I need to stay in hospital?

The length of your hospital stay is dependent on the type and complexity of the procedure you’re having. Most Thailand Plastic Surgery clients are required to complete at least an overnight hospital stay. This is to allow nursing staff to monitor the initial stages of recovery, and so that Surgeons can visit to provide tailored recovery advice before the client is discharged.

Can someone stay with me?

Yes—if you wish, a companion can stay with you overnight on a day bed in the same room. Please speak to your Client Manager if you would like this to happen, so that they can confirm details with you and PPSI.

How will I get to hospital in Thailand?

Your CosMediTour package includes a hospital transfer before and after your procedure. Your transfer will collect you from the hotel lobby. In most cases, your CosMediTour Client Liaison will accompany you on this journey and help as you’re admitted to hospital.

Want to Know More About PPSI?  

CosMediTour clients always come back with glowing reports about their time at the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI). If you’re after a real-life account, head over to our Before & After Gallery, or watch and read this review from TV presenter, Amy Kitchingman’s.

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Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a General Practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

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