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Ear Pinning Frequently Asked Questions

Concerned about your protruding ears? Performed on adults with great success, Ear Pinning, or Otoplasty procedures, surgically reshape the ears for a more streamlined look. The procedure can change the angle of prominent ears, reduce ear asymmetries, and repair congenital abnormalities (issues that are present from birth). Surgeons remove, repurpose, and mould the cartilage to redefine the ears and restore client confidence. If you think Ear Pinning is for you, get informed with our FAQs.

Ear Pinning Thailand FAQs
How long will swelling and bruising last after Ear Pinning surgery?

Post-operative swelling will begin to subside within a week of your Ear Pinning procedure. Bruising typically lasts for around 10 days, but it’s important to note that all clients experience recovery differently. To ensure optimal healing, follow your Plastic Surgeon’s tailored advice.

What is the best age to have Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)?

Unlike other forms of Plastic Surgery, Ear Pinning procedures are commonly performed on both adults and children. Prime Ear Pinning candidates are children aged between 4 and 14 years old—those whose ears have reached adult-size, but still have soft and easy to mould cartilage. This said, adult Ear Pinning surgeries are performed often and with great success.

How long does Ear Pinning take?

Ear Pinning surgery generally takes 1 hour to complete. In some cases, it is performed under local anaesthetic but, more commonly, general anaesthetic is required.

What will I look like immediately after Ear Pinning surgery?

Following surgery, your ears will be wrapped in gauze with a soft headband to protect and keep them in place. You can expect your ears to be swollen and bruised beneath the gauze, but this will subside over the first 2 weeks. Your dressings and headbands must be worn for 10 to 12 days.

Are the results of Ear Pinning surgery permanent?

Yes—the results of Ear Pinning surgery are permanent. Our Plastic Surgeons use sutures to create the desired shape of the ear. In some cases, the cartilage is scored and bent into position as an added measure. These are long-lasting techniques and the need for future surgery is very rare.

How long is the recovery time after Ear Pinning?

While some clients can return to work 48 hours after their Ear Pinning procedure, the ears will still be bruised, swollen, and covered with dressings and a headband. Most clients choose to return to work after 7 days post-surgery—at this point, the swelling will have subsided, and bruising will be minimal. Clients are required to sleep on their back for at least 1 week to reduce excess ear pressure. Light exercise can resume 3 weeks after surgery, but contact sports, strenuous exercise, and swimming must be avoided until your Plastic Surgeon advises.

Is Ear Pinning painful?

Ear Pinning surgery is done under general anaesthetic, so there is no pain during the procedure. Post-surgery, you may experience mild to moderate discomfort. As with all aspects of your recovery, your Plastic Surgeon will provide tailored advice on pain management and prescribe medication as required.

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