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Frequently Asked Questions - Recovery

Want to know what your Thailand Plastic Surgery recovery will look like? On this page you’ll find everything you need to know to get you started. Scroll through our list of frequently asked questions and discover where your recovery will take place, how long it will take, when you can return home, and more! If there’s anything you think we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to contact us. For general Thailand FAQs, please click here for more answers.

Thailand Plastic Surgery Recovery FAQs
Recovering in Thailand FAQ
Where will my recovery take place?

After your stay in the hospital, you will be discharged to recuperate at your hotel in Thailand. Upon discharge, you’ll receive a list of post-surgery care instructions and pain relief medication. If you are unclear about anything, ask your Surgeon or hospital team (find their details here).

Will I have pain after my Plastic Surgery procedure?

Mild to moderate pain and, sometimes, even severe discomfort is normal after all Plastic Surgery procedures. This can last up to 2 weeks, however, bear in mind that it should lessen every day. Your Plastic Surgeon can prescribe pain medication to assist you during this time, and icepacks can help to alleviate swelling and discomfort. Note, all clients have a different pain threshold so it’s difficult to predict the exact level of discomfort you will experience.

How long will my recovery take?

All clients heal at different rates. Your recovery timeframe will depend on the complexity of your procedure, your age, body physiology, nutrition, the amount of sleep/rest you get, and how closely you follow your Surgeon’s post-surgery advice. For general recovery timeframes for your particular procedure, refer to the specific FAQs below.

Will I need a post-surgery support garment?

Most Plastic Surgery procedures require clients to wear a post-surgery support garment to aid in their recovery. These compression-style garments reduce swelling and contribute to a quicker recovery time. While they can sometimes be purchased at hospitals, we suggest you buy a few post-surgery support garments prior to your procedure. Your Surgeon will recommend the best kind to buy and you will be able to find them online. In most cases, post-surgery support garments should be worn for at least 6 weeks, however your Plastic Surgeon will provide you with tailored advice on how long you should wear yours for.

Can I see my Surgeon while I’m recovering?

Upon discharge from hospital, your post-surgery consultation visit will be booked. This will take place before you depart Thailand so that your Surgeon can monitor your healing and remove any stitches if required.

When will I return home?

Before you depart Thailand, you will need to be declared ‘fit to fly’. Your Surgeon will make this assessment during your post-surgery consultation when they assess how your recovery is progressing.

Who can I contact during recovery once I’ve left Thailand?

Once you’re back home, it’s important that you continue to follow your post-surgery care instructions carefully. Be sure not to overdo it and continue to get plenty of rest. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Client Support Team on 1300 000 633.

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