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Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you know it as a Boob Job, a Breast Enhancement, or an Augmentation Mammoplasty, chances are you’ve heard of at least one name for this procedure. A Breast Augmentation involves implants being placed beneath the breast tissue to enhance the size, shape, projection, and volume of the breasts. Whether performed for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes (in the case of a mastectomy or injury), this procedure offers clients a real boost. Ready to research? Start with our Breast Augmentation FAQs below.

Breast Augmentation Thailand FAQs
How long will recovery take after breast implants?

Every Breast Augmentation journey is different. Generally, you’ll be able to return to work (depending on the style of work) and reintroduce light exercise (walking) 2 weeks after surgery. Driving is not permitted for the first-week post-surgery and car travel should be kept to a minimum for 2 weeks. Special care must be taken with seatbelt placement. As with all aspects of your recovery, your Surgeon will provide you with personalised advice.

How long before I can exercise again after a Breast Augmentation?

Recovery time can vary depending on your unique anatomy and procedure. Generally, light walking can resume 2 weeks after surgery and arm and chest muscle exercises can be reintroduced at 8 – 12 weeks. High impact, aerobic activities, such as jogging, running, and jumping, can drastically affect your surgical results. You should not resume these until you’ve completely recovered. Your Surgeon will provide you with personalised advice to ensure an optimal recovery.

Will I experience a lot of pain?

Everyone has a different pain threshold, so it isn’t possible to predict exactly how you’ll feel. Mild, moderate and, sometimes, severe discomfort is normal after Breast Augmentation surgery. Your pain will generally start to ease after 1 – 2 weeks. Your Surgeon will provide personalised advice on pain management and prescribe medication as required.

How long do breast implants last?

High-quality breast implants can last 20+ years. Our premium implants have either a 10-year or an unlimited manufacturer warranty against structural defects. Most clients who choose to replace their implants do so not because of an issue, but rather to upgrade their implants to a different size, shape, or brand, most often due to preference and lifestyle changes.

Will I be allowed to choose my implant type and size?

Your Surgeon will always take your preferences into consideration when recommending the most suitable implants for your procedure. Ultimately, the size and type of your implants will be selected based on your skin quality, the dimensions of your body and the ‘look’ you’re hoping to achieve. It’s important to keep an open mind when discussing your implants with your Surgeon. Remember that the same sized breast implants (measured in CCs) won’t always look the same on different clients. Find out all you need to know about Comparing Breast Implant CCs here.

Can I breastfeed after a Breast Augmentation?

This is a common concern but, luckily, most women with breast implants breastfeed with little to no problems at all. The small percentage of women who have experienced complications with breastfeeding are generally impacted by the incision site of the implant, or the type of surgery they have. It’s important to note that even women without implants can have complications when it comes to breastfeeding.

How long does Breast Augmentation surgery take?

Standard Breast Augmentation surgery takes 1 hour. Timing can vary depending on the nature of the surgery and the specific goals your Surgeon is working to achieve. As with all aspects of your procedure, your Surgeon will provide you with personalised advice on the timing expected for your Breast Augmentation.

When can I start wearing an underwire bra again?

Generally, an underwire bra should not be worn for the first 8 weeks after surgery. During this time, you will need to wear a post-surgery support garment to aid your recovery. It’s important to note that everyone heals at a different rate. Your Surgeon will monitor your progress and provide personalised advice on the timings that are right for you.

Do I need a support garment after surgery?

Yes, you do. Wearing a post-surgery support garment is critical to your recovery. These specialised compression garments aid with the management of swelling and promote the healing of your incisions. Typically, clients are required to wear these for 6 – 8 weeks after surgery.

How long will I need to be off work after surgery?

Depending on the type of work, clients generally return to work within 1 – 2 weeks. If your job involves strenuous exercise or heavy lifting, this timeframe may be extended. As with all aspects of your Breast Augmentation procedure, your Surgeon will provide you with personalised advice and a recovery timeline tailored to suit you.

How long before I can drive after breast surgery?

Clients are not permitted to drive in the first week after surgery. Car travel should be kept to a minimum for the first 2 weeks post-surgery, and extra care must be taken with seatbelt placement. As with all aspects of your recovery, your Surgeon will provide you with personalised advice on when you can safely recommence driving.

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