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CosMediTour is the No. 1 Plastic Surgery Company in Australasia. Here are a number of the reasons why more patients, hospitals and surgeons choose CosMediTour than any other brand.


Established in 2009, more clients now trust us and book their Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures through CosMediTour than any other company or agency in Australasia. We’re not the oldest, but in 10 years we’ve become by far the largest.

and facilitate the highest number of clients. On this page are many of the reasons why we’ve become the most trusted Cosmetic Plastic Surgery company in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.



It’s easy to make claims to be #1, but quite another to substantiate them. CosMediTour lets over 2,000 of our Clients tell their stories on our three international websites and social media pages, with reviews, testimonials and images.

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Thousands more clients have chosen not to share their experiences and images publicly, and we respect this under our Patient Confidentiality.



We engage Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons who have collectively performed thousands of successful operations on our own CosMediTour patients. Most importantly we know which Surgeons are more suited for different patients and their individual anatomy

and which surgeons prefer performing certain surgical procedures. So we carefully match our patients’ medical history, physiology, surgical and aesthetic objectives to the surgeons most suitable for them. As the largest company with the most clients each year, CosMediTour engages and features a number of the most famous plastic surgeons, some on an exclusive basis e.g. Dr Pornthep Pungrasmi, who has performed over 1,200 procedures on more than 800 CosMediTour patients since 2012; Dr Montien Lueprapai who has performed surgery on over 300 CosMediTour patients in the past two years; Dr Sanguan Kunaporn, Dr Witoon Wisuthseriwong, Dr Veerawat Tirananmongkol, Dr Visnu Lohsiriwat, and Dr Chatpong Sastarasadhit – each of whom have performed procedures on thousands of CosMediTour patients over the past 10 years. This strong association with many of Thailand’s most renowned Plastic Surgeons ensures that in the unlikely event of revision surgery being required, a CosMediTour patient will always receive the highest priority.



Choosing the right surgeon and hospital, and even knowing what procedures may be best, can be a daunting proposition for a patient. Even more so when it involves travelling overseas to a foreign country where English is not the national language.

This is where our highly experienced Client Managers are there to guide clients through the entire process. Once a patient has completed our online medical assessment form, and provided their required images, she or he will be assigned to an experienced Client Manager – depending on the surgery required. For example, if a patient has requested Rhinoplasty surgery, a Client Manager will be assigned who has been present during surgeon consultations, observed surgery in theatre, and attended follow ups with a large number of Rhinoplasty patients. The same applies with Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, Mummy Makeovers, Facelifts and all of our most popular surgery procedures. We have Specialist Client Managers highly experienced in handling all such cases. Several of our most experienced Client Managers have handled well over 1,000 cases each. A Client Manager will remain assigned to the patient for the entire medical travel journey and after she or he returns home.



Our strong, proven partnership at our key hospitals (Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, World Medical Center, PPSI at Bangkok Hospital China Town. PPSI – Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute) 

is the foundation for the priority service levels and backup extended to all CosMediTour clients at these hospitals. Very significantly, all hospitals have adopted our unique CosMediTour Patient Administration and After Care protocols. These maximise patient protection and convenience in relation to medical records, support back home in the event of necessary medical intervention or elective aesthetic consultations, and overall communication.



In 2014 CosMediTour partnered with leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in the Gold Coast, to join together in the launch of the world’s first dedicated Breast Academy. To date visiting Plastic Surgeons from around the globe – the USA, Belgium,

France, the United Kingdom and Brazil – as well as Australian Plastic Surgeons, have performed Breast Augmentation surgery on over 1,200 Australian CosMediTour clients on the Gold Coast. To be eligible to perform surgery at this Academy, Surgeons must be fully qualified and accredited Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Client Reviews and images can be found on our CosMediTour Australia.



We have CosMediTour management and staff including medical personnel based in all of our surgery travel destinations, so a client is never left to fend for themselves in a foreign country. We also have Client Liaison personnel and Registered Nurses based 

in Bangkok and Phuket at our primary client hotels, Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort and Amari Phuket 7 days a week . These Client Support personnel are available to assist with all matters relating to a client’s surgery, hospital transfers, consultations and follow ups – as well as for advice and assistance during their stay in relation to getting around, sightseeing, local customs and attractions. Should it be necessary to arrange a hospital nurse or doctor to visit a client at the hotel to monitor recovery, our Client Support team can also facilitate this.




CosMediTour organises everything, from the initial medical assessment to preliminary and final surgical evaluations, selection of hospital and preferred Surgeon, booking surgery procedure/s and dates, booking 

accommodation, payment, transfers, follow ups, tours, companion or family travel arrangements and more. We take away any guess work and many of the challenges a client will encounter doing it on their own directly with a hospital or clinic in Thailand. We also remove the many risks of dealing through a small or far less experienced agency. A recurring theme in so many of our Client Reviews is that our Client Managers and Support Teams, both in Australia and Thailand, organised everything and were there for our clients throughout their entire medical travel journey.



We have a private by invitation LADIES ONLY Facebook Forum where our current clients actively share their images, questions, feedback, knowledge and experiences. Our most active users access this private forum to gain and share knowledge

prior to and during their time in Thailand – from finding out the best coffee shops and markets nearby, to sharing post surgery images. It is a valuable resource for clients travelling to Thailand, who can reach out to others travelling at the same time and meet up in advance or upon arrival in Thailand. Most Clients say it’s great and made a huge difference to their stay in Thailand.



We are the only company that offers a Surgery Travel Warranty which will cover patients for post surgery complications and even capsular contracture, and also covers return flights and luxury accommodation with any revision surgery provided by the hospital.

This optional additional peace of mind provides cover for Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction or Lift, Breast Lift + Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty and Mummy Makeover Surgeries.



In late 2014 CosMediTour and WTFN, producers of Bondi Vet, The Living Room and many international TV series, conceived a medical travel TV Series following Australians to Thailand for Plastic Surgery and dental procedures. Operation Thailand

was filmed in late 2016 in Bangkok and Phuket, with 10 x 1 hour episodes shown on prime time Australian national television from April 2017, and the series has already been distributed in over 50 other broadcast territories around the globe. Operation Thailand tells the stories of 30 Australian CosMediTour patients, 3 in each episode, some travelling alone and some with companions. All stories share the common thread of patients travelling with CosMediTour to experience Thailand’s renowned healthcare sector and fulfil the dream of a surgery or dental makeover. A multi million dollar production from the Logie Award winning film Producer WTFN, Operation Thailand showcases the exceptional standards of the facilities, and surgical skills and patient care that these patients experience – at our CosMediTour partner hospitals and dental clinics – with the support of our amazing team in Thailand. WTFN cleverly weaves the emotions, passion, fears and joy of the series patients as their lives intersect in bustling Bangkok and laid back Phuket and are changed forever. See here for more details.



As Australasia’s largest company we are able to offer the lowest prices for surgery and surgery travel packages. We GUARANTEE patients pay either the same price offered by the hospitals, Surgeons and clinics, or a lower price. Hospitals and clinics do not offer

discounts on their procedures to patients dealing direct as prices are fixed. However, with many of our surgery packages that include selected hotel or resort accommodation, our clients will usually end up paying less than piecing together the many surgery and package inclusions. So why try and deal directly with a Hospital or Surgeon – when for no extra cost a patient can access the expertise of our Client Managers, support of our Client Service teams, and the reputation and backing of Australasia’s largest company which will manage the entire process?



Unlike other agencies, we do not charge our clients a booking fee for our services. We have commercial arrangements in place with all partner Hospitals, but these are not passed on to our clients in the form of fees or increased procedure prices.

The procedure prices charged by our Hospitals and Surgeons are the same prices that we quote. Clients should check the fine print in any other agency documentation to ensure they are not paying an agent fee unwittingly.



Customer Care must be at the highest service level, especially when you’re the largest company in the medical travel sector. Review our Client Reviews and Testimonials on our various web sites, the internet and social media, and 

there is a recurring theme – We Care, our Surgeons Care, Our Hospital Personnel Care, our Client Managers Care, our Client Support team Care, our Client Liaison personnel in Bangkok and Phuket Care. CosMediTour and our partners care for our Clients experience and well-being throughout their entire medical travel journey, and after they return home.


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