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About the CosMediTour TeamGo to the About Us page and this will give you an idea about the team and what they do to make your surgical journey happen!! CosMediTour work as a team for every one of our clients. If your Client Manager is not available there is always a support staff member to help you out. We will reply to your communications as quickly as we possibly can at all times. But don’t forget because of some Public Holidays including Christmas, this will affect timing. Unless it is urgent, we appreciate your patience.
Assessment process with imagesThe Assessment Form and the required images for the surgeons to review your case and provide you with a Surgical Recommendation. All images must be clear and concise as per the instructions on with the Assessment form page. If the images are not good enough or incomplete, you will be requested to submit what is required to complete this process. Do not omit any information relating to past or current medical conditions including medications – INCLUDING ALL SUPPLEMENTS TAKEN EG. FISH OILS. This process must be done first before any arrangements, bookings, or quotes. Same applies to Dental.
Assessment completed months prior – Didn’t go ahead at the time If you have done the full assessment with images process over 6 months ago and you did not proceed, you may have to submit all new information and images. However, this will be determined after a conversation with your CosMediTour Client Manager. However, if over 6-12+ months, then definitely a new assessment process required.
Accommodation – Resorts & HotelsWe have 5 Star and 4 Star accommodation options (depending on budget) for Phuket and Bangkok. This is where most of our Clients recuperate post-surgery; are greeted as extra special guests by staff that are aware that you and other CosMediTour clients are recovering from surgery. They range from secluded beachfront escapes or Chic city with all the perks and all with some bonus inclusions. The rooms are beautiful and the beds are ginormous! It all just depends on what suits you best. See more in our Travel Page.
Accommodation – Checkin and checkoutYour accommodation booking (package or non-package) will be done in advance and you will receive a Booking Confirmation Number. At the time of check-in, you will need your passport, a confirmation number is not generally required, credit card or cash for a daily “bond” charge(refundable on checkout. All incidentals incurred will be payable on checkout. (See Terms and Conditions of Accommodation / Package on the website).
Activities / Gym – What can I do and when? You must allow for recovery – the first 3 weeks are crucial. Ease into your normal activities over 3 months without compromising your surgery with strenuous activity, exercise, running, jumping etc. Let your body do the talking, as it will tell you how it feels.
Age – are there limits and consents needed? If you are under 20 years of age (over 18 years), you will need a parent or guardian to complete Hospital Consent Forms; letter of approval with proof of identification. We suggest that the parent also communicates with a CosMediTour representative to talk about your proposed surgery.
Arrangements for my surgery travelIn a step by step order of requirements, priority and documentation, we will organise just about everything for you. Surgery, transfers and accommodation (in our associated Hotel or Resorts) in Thailand. You will have to arrange your own flights OR we can have our Flight Centre representative call and arrange for you.
Airport Arrival Currency ExchangeArrival in Bangkok or Phuket Airport there are currency exchange counters where we suggest that you exchange AUD to Thai Baht (THB). You will always need THB cash for incidentals eg. taxi, dining, markets etc. Debit cards are not always accepted. Carry around small notes, not large ones.
Airport Arrival –  Immigration & Customs
Make sure your White Entry & Departure card is filled in with all relevant details, as you will need to present the entry part to immigration. Depending on how many flights arrive at the same time as you, expect delays whilst in line through immigration before you get your luggage. Your transfer will be waiting at the designated area once you have left the luggage area. Look out for your name on the cards for your designated transfer.
BaggageRead all terms and conditions associated with any ticketing including “baggage allowance”. All airlines have their own regulations here. It is up to you to organise your luggage and potentially be prepared to pay extra.
Babies after Breast SurgeryKeep in mind that there will be changes to your breasts during pregnancy, postnatal and post breastfeeding, which will change the way your natural breasts will look. It is the natural breast tissue that changes only, and implants will not affect this or the ability to produce breast milk. The majority of our patients have Breast Augmentation surgery long before planning children. See our Educational Blog – ‘Breastfeeding and Breast Surgery‘ for more information.
Breast Feeding – Can I have surgery?Our Hospitals and Clinics have different policies about this and usually recommend waiting 6 – 12 months after your milk dries up (post-breastfeeding) before you are able to have breast surgery.
Breast Feeding – Does surgery affect this?Breast Augmentation does not, however, there is a small possibility of changes to nerve sensitivity in the breast and/or nipple as a result of Breast Augmentation, although Breast Augmentation should not affect the milk ducts of the breast. If you have a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction and depending on the technique used, may affect your nipple and the milk ducts and you will more than likely not be able to breastfeed. See here for more information.
CosMediTour Website – Is full of informationOur website is your full information colour brochure that will without a doubt answer all your specific questions about surgery and dental in Thailand and Australia. Such as the Education section Including these FAQ’s.
CosMediTour Private Facebook Forum CosMediTour Private Facebook Forum is a CLOSED GROUP for women only. Your posts can only be seen by other members. The aim of the forum is for members to discuss plastic surgery, travel and accommodation in Thailand. It is a support group and a way for past and present clients to collaborate and talk about their experiences. CosMediTour Forum is primarily to be used for constructive comments, socialising, getting to know each other if travelling at the same time. You will be invited to join the Forum once you have paid the deposit, accepted the Surgeons Recommendation and a surgery date booked with CosMediTour. If Terms & Conditions of the Forum are not adhered to, you will be removed.
CosMediTour Social Media – Facebook & InstagramThis is where we post our activities, promotions, notices, information, funnies, testimonials, amazing post surgery images and where clients tag their own images post-surgery. It’s a great way to keep up to date with us and see post-surgery images of our real clients. If you like our Facebook and post comments that are deemed as venting about us, derogatory or defamatory, all comments will be removed and you will be removed/blocked. Same applies if you are a client and on the CosMediTour Forum.
Currency and Credit/Debit CardsThai Baht (THB) is the national currency; best to travel and make most of your purchases on a Debit Card / Travel Debit Card; A normal credit card is advisable for more expensive purchases and at the hotel check is. Credit Cards will charge currency conversion fees, which you will see in your statements. Check with your bank on their fees per transaction.
Children and TravelUnless you have a companion coming along, it is best to leave your little ones (under 10) behind. You will not be in a position to entertain or look after them as you would at home, especially post-surgery. Hospitals will not allow any minors (under 16) to travel solo with the patient, as the hospital is not responsible for the well being of the child during the patient’s surgery stay in Thailand, or in the event of any post-surgical complications that may arise.
Clothing & PackingBest to pack light, washable and easy to put on and off the garment. This allows for easy washing and more room in your bag for shopping after surgery.
Companions and FamilyYou may bring along a companion or family member that is over 16 years, as long as that person understands that you will be having a surgical procedure and will require recovery and can therefore look after themselves.
Consultation with SurgeonThis face to face discussion and examination is done prior to surgery. Remembering that Thai is the primary language spoken, please be clear in your communications and don’t hesitate in asking questions so that you clearly understand what you have discussed and your expectations are understood. Best to take images of your desired outcome, as well as a list of questions so you don’t leave the consultation regretting not asking what you really wanted to ask. If you do not understand something, ask for an explanation. Depending on the hospital and schedules, staff present during the consultation will be: a nurse or translator, or both, audio recording and a form of consent to surgery after the surgeon has made their notations.
Consultation – Not agreeing to surgeons recommendation Once in examination and consultation with the surgeon, if you decide to go against the recommendation of the surgeon at the time of the consultation and the surgeon agrees to proceed, after noting the potential consequences, and you receive less than optimal results, any hospital surgery guarantees and if you purchase the Surgery Travel Warranty, will be voided and any revision surgery required to correct this will be payable to you.
Consultation – Multiple proceduresIf you have been invoiced and paid for multiple procedures, and during the consultation, the surgeon decides against this for whatever reason, please choose the priority procedure with your surgeon and have the other procedure at a later date. CosMediTour will determine the refund due upon the advice of the hospital and return home.
Consultation – Cancelling Surgery after Consultation If you decide not to go ahead during/after your consultation, for whatever reason, CosMediTour will refund your procedure amount (less other costs associated in the procedure amount eg. transfers completed by the hospital, pre-surgical tests) when you return to Australia. Any further transfers from the hospital will no longer be valid and you will continue with your Thailand journey as a “holiday only”.
Consultation – Denied Surgery by the SurgeonIn the event you are denied surgery by the surgeon during your consultation for whatever reason, CosMediTour will refund your procedure amount (less other costs associated in the procedure amount eg. transfers completed by the hospital, pre-surgical tests) when you return to Australia. Any further transfers from the hospital will no longer be valid and you will continue with your Thailand journey as a “holiday only”. (See Cancellation Policy)
Costs of Surgery – Thai (THB) -v- Australia (AUD)All economies (Thailand and Australia) have different fiscal structures, including wages, taxation, etc which affects all prices and the international currency exchange rate of that country. Australia will always be more expensive due to high labour, wages and living costs.
Costs – Different Hospital ChargesAll of our associated hospitals have different pricing structures for procedures and procedure techniques. Surgery pricing is set by the hospital and not by CosMediTour. Pre-surgical tests will also be charged accordingly on a case by case basis. Eg. if you have a medical condition that requires a specialist pre-surgery test, you will be charged for this.
Dental Treatments and Surgical Procedures (combined)Dental needs pre-planning as multiple trips to the dentist may be required, depending on what you want to be done. Minor work can be done in conjunction with your surgery. This can be pre-organised with your surgery OR if it is a last-minute decision whilst in Thailand, ask the hospital co-ordinator to arrange an appointment with the dental clinic in the hospital. Dental Treatments cannot be done in conjunction with any “facial / nose” surgery.
DestinationsCosMediTour offers plastic surgery and dental treatment options in Bangkok and Phuket. Dental Treatments and Breast Surgeries on the Gold Coast and Breast Surgery in Sydney. See our Website for details about surgery in Australia or Dental Treatments. Your choice of destination is a personal preference, Eg. “City or Beach”; and your budget. We don’t recommend one over the other, as they all offer wonderful plastic surgeons, dentists and facilities. See Differences between Bangkok and Phuket for more information.
Differences between Bangkok and PhuketBangkok is a bustling city of 8.5+ million people; Phuket is an Island with 600,000+ people. Similar to Sydney -v- Whitsundays. See here for more information about Bangkok Vs. Phuket.
Deposit – What happens after the deposit is paid?You will be instructed via email of the step by step process following your deposit payment. This email will have links that refer back to forms and other relative information, of which will become part of your Surgical Travel documentation. There will also be over the phone discussions with client service staff.
Documentation & Hospital PaperworkWhilst in the hospital – Pre-admission paperwork, consultation and consents, pre-op tests, disclaimers/waivers (if required) after consultation with the surgeon, Surgery report and Implant Registration. You must keep all hospital documentation and store it somewhere safe when you return. Do not throw away any documentation or records. Reports and any audio recordings of your consultation will be available to CosMediTour.
Drinking AlcoholDrinking is not a good idea prior, recovery and post-surgery. It is dehydrating, thins the blood, weakens your immune system, affects the potency of any antibiotics and delays healing time. Drinking alcohol will also predispose you to accidents e.g. falling, which may affect your surgery.
Doctors follow-up at home Not necessary if you are recovering well and feeling great. But, best to seek assistance from your GP if you think something is not quite right and always keep CosMediTour informed of your progress and any GPs reports. See CosMediTour Terms & Conditions and Surgery Travel Warranty (If purchasing the Warranty).
Exercising – When can I start?Discuss this with your Surgeon, as everyone is different depending on your specific procedure and technique and your own body. Between 2 – 4 months of initial recovery and healing and light-activities are good for most post-surgical cosmetic procedures. Definitely no high impact aerobic activities – running, jumping, jogging etc OR weightlifting. Your body will alert you as to what does not feel good.
Exchange rates are up and down – may affect the invoiceProcedure prices are set in Thai Baht (THB), however, payments must be made in AUD directly to CosMediTour. Foreign Exchange rates (currencies) are affected by world economic/commercial and bank activities and there is nothing that can be done about this. Fluctuations will continue no matter the currency without any notice and we cannot predict any fluctuations. You will be notified of changes in the FX which will then reflect in your final invoice AUD amount. Final notification of rates will be advised at the time of your final invoice payment due 6 weeks prior to departure.
Extra Costs – What could these be after the consultation?As your Surgical Recommendation and quote is based on the information and images sent to the surgeon. Your final surgical recommendation and costs will be determined during a consultation with the surgeon, where your surgeon physically examines you, feels the skin and measures you up. This is where costs may change. Eg. Your tissue lacks elasticity, thin skin, there is more sagging than the images show, there are variables – which can then change the initial recommendation. For example, round implants or teardrop implants, Breast Lift, Mini Tummy tuck to full Tummy Tuck etc. You also may have a health issue that needs more pre-surgery tests or extra procedures/techniques to give the best results. Always be prepared and have enough funds available to cover all extra potential charges.
Extra Procedures – Can I add on?This will be determined whilst in your consultation with your surgeon. Eg. Breast Augmentation and then maybe add Blepharoplasty to that droopy eye. Always have enough funds available to you for any changes and add ons.
Expectations – Outcome and ResultsYou must have realistic expectations! The surgeons are wonderful, however, they are not magicians. Depending on what your surgical procedure is, what you look like pre-surgery and your expectations, will determine what can be achieved. Eg. if you have heavy, sagging breasts and your expectations are – I want round, high and perky breasts, this will not be achievable. If the skin elasticity and integrity is already challenged, your results will not sustain this expectation and definitely not long term. Expectations must be realistic, please don’t argue with the surgeon otherwise – they are the experts. See our educational blog ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Breast Augmentation
Finance (available to Australian Citizens only)Regardless of how you obtain or save funds, the CosMediTour invoice must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to your departure. Payment Plan is a full financing facilitator and application must be made to them directly. If accepted, you will receive a loan to the value of what you applied for under contract and then obligated to repay the loan over a period of time direct to Mac Credit via a “re-payment plan”. CosMediTour is not a finance company so any questions in regards to the finance of your surgery must be handled by Mac Credit directly. You can contact Mac Credit on 1300 884 355.
Flights – who arrange these?Flights must ONLY be booked after a surgery date has been confirmed by the surgeon and yourself. There are various carriers flying to Thailand, whichever you choose is a personal and financial choice. We can also have our associated “Flight Centre” Client Managers to arrange your flights and Travel Insurance. Read all terms and conditions associated with all types of ticketing including “baggage allowance”. (See Baggage)
Flying – Any precautions?Travelling internationally can become uncomfortable. Flights to Bangkok or Phuket are up to 9+ hours, depends on the city of departure, route taken and any stopovers. Make sure you hydrate with water and get up and about for circulation. You can also purchase special flying socks/stockings for DVT prevention.
Food – What to expectThai food is amazing, especially fruit and vegetables. If you don’t like your food spicy, let whoever is taking your order or preparing your food know that you want either no or mild spice. Be careful where you eat and try and stay away from food that looks like it has been out too long or in the sun. Well-chosen street food vendors are great, as they have fast turnover – just watch what you are ordering as there will be some strange items available. Otherwise, there are other “normal” food options. Want coffee? Starbucks is where to go.
Group Tour –v– SoloIf you are not comfortable travelling solo, then a Group Tour is an option. Minimum size group must be 6 if not then the Group Tour will be cancelled OR the Group will be managed by the Client Relations Manager in either Bangkok or Phuket. Group dates are posted on the Website and are not flexible. (See Group Tours)
Travelling solo allows you more freedom to move and you can always join another CosMediTour surgical client in one of our associated hotels as there are always plenty of clients around to mingle with.
Hidden CostsThere is full transparency and no “hidden costs”. The only other potential extra costs variables will be 1. Change of recommendation at the time of consultation (this is discussed and agreed by you, 2. FX exchange rates fluctuating which will affect the final Invoice amount payable to CosMediTour. Contact CosMediTour prior to final payment. All this is therefore not to be interpreted as “hidden”. (See Extra Costs)
Hospitals and AccreditationsThe patient experience is extremely important as Thailand is Number 1 in Medical Tourism. The Hospitals cater to patients from all over the world, they are all fully facilitated and of international JCI accredited standards. You will find they are more like 5-star hotels than hospitals. See Hospitals Page for more information.
Hospital Surgery GuaranteeHospitals have varying and strict policies and conditions attached to their Surgical Guarantees which are valid for up to 6 months post-surgery (on a case by case basis) and must travel for surgery within 12 months. Full information is required and then a review process. Time taken for processing issues post-surgery may take time and will not happen overnight. All communications are via CosMediTour only. Conditions apply. (Not to be confused with the CosMediTour Surgery Warranty)
Hospital Transfers Hospitals offer transfers from airport/hotel/hospital for inpatients only. Outpatients must arrange all own transfers or may be added to your procedure invoice at an extra cost if accepted by the hospital. Best to discuss this with your CosMediTour Rep.
Hotel Concierge serviceIs a good contact for you if you need to know where to go for things like – taxi’s, luggage storage etc. Every hotel/resort has one –  just ask.
Implant types – Silicone -v- SalineSaline implants are filled with medical-grade water (which do not have the firmness of the Silicone) and are not used in our associated Hospitals. Only Medical Grade Silicone Gel implants. See our educational blog Saline or Silicone Breast Implants
Insurance for Medical Tourism There are Medical Tourism Insurers out there who can assist you with medical travel insurance. However, you will need to research the company as to what you are actually covered for. Read the fine print before committing to any insurance policies.
Illness prior to surgeryYou must let CosMediTour know if you become ill prior to your departure. You must also let the hospital know if you are unwell or becoming unwell whilst in Thailand to determine surgery, medical attention, delayed surgery or require a longer stay.
Immunisation Shots and VaccinationsNo shots are required related to travelling to Bangkok or Phuket e.g. Malaria, Hepatitis. This is a personal choice and to be discussed with your GP. Any shots you decide to do must be done 4 weeks prior to your travel date.
Implant SpecificsAll Breast Implants used at our associated Hospitals are internationally renowned Mentor or Allergan Silicone Gel Implants only. Saline or “Fuzzies/ Brazilian Fuzzies” are not offered. Size (in cc’s) and profile will be discussed with your surgeon and chosen according to your body shape and anatomy. All information about implants can be viewed on our Breast Augmentation page and Education blog. Please refer to our articles What are Furry (Fuzzy) Brazilian Implants? and All About Breast implants
Infection – What’s the chance?Infections are a potential risk and complication of surgery. However, they can be very manageable if detected immediately. Always watch for the telltale signs of redness, soreness, slight fever, etc. Alert the hospital as soon as possible and seek treatment, same if you have these symptoms upon returning home – DO NOT WAIT.
Issues post SurgeryOnce you return home and you believe there is an issue, please document, take pictures, seek medical advice and reports and contact CosMediTour with all information immediately. Any issues will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Massage – TherapyRegards to body massage if you are a person that has regular body massages, this is determined by your surgical area. Cannot massage a surgical site or lay on the site for a therapeutic massage as the pressure and discomfort will prevail. Have a massage a few days before you fly and if there is a spare day before surgery whilst in Thailand go for it. Or post-surgery, have something like a head, hands, feet, etc. massage just not in or around your surgery site.
Massaging post-surgeryWill depend on your surgeons care instructions. Some massage, some do not. This is on a case by case basis.
Medical ConditionsAll medical conditions and medications, previous and current must be stated during the initial stages of the enquiry and assessment process. A medical report/release “fit for surgery” must be obtained from your medical professional before proceeding into any bookings. Any medical conditions not stated prior to arrival and an issue is detected during pre-op tests, surgery will either be delayed or denied completely. In some cases, you will be asked to undergo additional medical tests and treatments which will be at an additional charge for you, as well as any prolonged hospital stay resulting from your underlying condition. Honesty is the best policy with medical conditions. (see Assessment)
Medical Conditions and high dosage medications – not accepted for surgery There are some medical conditions and medications that the hospitals will not accept a client as a patient. These conditions are deemed “better for the client to remain in their own country in the event of a problem during and post-surgery”. Upon advising CosMediTour of your condition, we will advise you if you will be accepted for surgery or not. See following examples but not limited to; Clients with problems with Thyroid, Psychological issues (depression, panic, anxiety), Epilepsy, Type 1 Diabetes, recent remission, anemia, liver function, and high dosages of medications to treat these conditions. Always seek medical advice from your doctor/specialist if wanting to have cosmetic surgery.
Medicare & Private Health InsuranceMedicare or Private Health Funds are not relevant if travelling abroad for cosmetic, medical or elective surgery OR Dental Treatments. However, you should enquire with your Health Fund to find out if there are any changes to this ruling. Otherwise, there are international medical tourism health insurers available on the internet. Research and read all the fine print for the extent of coverage. (See Insurance Medical Tourism)
Menstruation / Period – know your cycleThe normal menstrual cycle is 28 days. Know your premenstrual symptoms eg. sore breasts, bloating, food cravings and what happens on your first day eg. pain, heavy bleeding etc. Best to try and book travel dates around this time of the month. Nothing more inconvenient and uncomfortable is your period just post-surgery especially if you are having a Breast procedure and or a tummy tuck! If you start menstruating on the day of consultation or surgery, let the surgeon know and the surgery may be delayed. Surgeons have a different view on this and depending on the procedure. Contact your GP prior to departure if there are preventative measures that can be taken to delay your period. But always know your cycle. Knowing your cycle also helps keep pregnancies at bay.
Nails, Piercings, Hair Extensions, Spray Tans, TattoosPlease remove ALL:- Coloured polish from all nails and toes; acrylic and gel nails from the 2 index fingers; piercings including dermal or the surgeon will; metal hair extensions. Scrub off spray tans from and around the surgical areas. Depending on your surgical area, tattoos may not look the same post-surgery. In regards to tattoo’s after surgery, we recommend waiting a few months after your procedure before having a tattoo performed, just to allow the body to return to a more stable condition and allow for adequate healing. Issues may arise if your tattoo becomes infected.
Nights in Thailand and in HospitalThe number of nights you are required to stay in the hospital is what the surgeon suggests and you must stay for this amount of time. Sometimes the surgeon will want to release you, for example, one night earlier – you have 2 options: 1. To stay the full required nights (as this is part of the surgery recommendation) 2. You may leave early as per surgeons advice, but an extra night may have to be purchased at your cost and based on availability. Our recommendation is to stay the required time in the hospital, as this will avoid any accommodation issues.
Packages – What’s included?Our Packages and Hot Deals are great value surgery package deals, as they include accommodation and other bonus inclusions (airfares not included). Terms and conditions apply to all packages and expiration dates. See our Hot Deals & Discounted Packages page.
Packing – How much or how little?Thailand is very warm. Best to pack light, washable and easy to put on and off garments. Nothing tight or heavy. Be practical with cosmetics and toiletries also. This also allows for more room in your bag for shopping after surgery.
PainEach person has a different pain threshold so it is hard to say what and how you will feel. Mild to moderate pain and sometimes even severe discomfort is normal and can last at varying degrees up to 2 weeks. Pain medication is prescribed and to be taken as prescribed by your surgeon. Any extra medications or if you have taken them all out of the prescribed issue, you will have to pay. See our Educational Blog ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A Breast Augmentation‘.
PassportsPassports are required and you must have at least 6 months remaining before expiration for travel. Please renew passports ahead of time to avoid delays or any flight changes/cancellations. The Passport office can take up to 4 weeks to issue a new or renewed Passport. Emergency passports can be provided for an additional cost.
Partying pre / post-surgeryPlease do not plan any surgery procedure immediately before or after a party or event E.g. hens night. This should be done either 2 weeks before surgery or at least 2 months post-surgery (to allow for recovery and healing).
Payment Plan – CosMediTour Payment PlanCosMediTour Payment plans are regular payments made to a CosMediTour account until all invoiced funds are received. Similar to a Lay-by. See CosMediTour Payment Plan for more information.
Payment Plans – FinanceWe have a number of different Payment Plans and Finance Plans plans available. Available to Australian Residents only. See Payment Plans for more information.
Payments of invoice CosMediTour invoice must be paid in full up to 6 weeks prior to departure. FX Currency fluctuations will incur a charge to the invoice, so you must notify your Client Manager when you are going to make your final payment for the invoice adjustment to be made.
Post Op AccidentsIf you are involved in an “accident’ and it has affected your surgery eg. Implants, Tummy Tuck etc, your medical practitioner will advise on your care and treatment plan, however, there is no responsibility passed onto the surgeon. If you need “revision” Eg.in the case of Breast Implants car accident and the seatbelt ruptures the implant on impact, the full cost of surgery in Thailand will be payable by you. OR if you opt to have surgery in Australia (post-accident), your Private Health Fund or Medicare may cover certain medical costs associated with your accident. Same applies to other major procedures you have had that are affected by an “accident” Eg. Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty etc.
Post Op Care – GeneralFirst 3 months are crucial for recovery. Care instructions will be given by the surgeon, and it is up to you to adhere to all care taken during this time and up to 6+ months post-surgery, depending on the procedure. Best to be as healthy as possible – avoid completely, or minimise as much as possible, excessive exercising, drinking, partying, smoking, poor eating habits etc.
Pre Op Check-ups and TestsHospitals have their own policies on when the tests are done, before or after the consultation with the surgeon. Basic tests include blood tests, x-rays, EKG / ECG (they are the same) and others depending on the individual and any underlying medical condition.
Post Op Results – what to expectDepending on your procedure and extent of work that has been done, surgery results will become fully evident around 3 months post-surgery (12 months for Rhinoplasty) and are affected by your own structure/anatomy, health, how you look after yourself, support garments, level of activities etc. See our educational blog ‘What to expect when you’re expecting…A breast augmentation!’ 
Previous Assessments are doneIf you have previously done the full assessment with images process over 6 months ago, you will have to do this again. All information and images must be current. We cannot use old information for a new surgical recommendation.
Pregnancy – What if I am or become pregnantNo surgery will be done if you become pregnant prior to departure. If you are not sure and you are at the hospital, ask for a pregnancy test to be included in your pre-op blood tests (this will be at your own cost), if proved positive, surgery will be cancelled. Best to take all precautions if you are considering surgery or booked surgery and post-surgery (as this will affect your post-surgical results). Know the symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages.
Procedures – What do I need to know?Research. You need to know what the procedure is, the potential techniques used, potential results, recovery care, associated risks and complications. This will enable you to understand why you are having surgery and conversations about your potential surgery. See our Educational Blog Page for further research.
Procedure Prices – Who sets the prices?The hospitals set the procedure price lists based on a “from” standard procedure price, not CosMediTour. Every hospital will have a variance to their pricing structures. Prices after the surgeon has completed a Surgical Recommendation is based on the information presented during the Assessment Process. Any prices listed on our Website in AUD is based on a THB currency exchange between 24 THB = $1AUD. All THB prices will be converted to AUD FX exchange at the time of your Surgical Recommendation and adjustments at the Invoice payment stage. See Prices Page.
Refunds – How does this work?All refunds are determined by why and at what stage in the process where a surgery date has been confirmed and up to prior to departure, and where surgery has been denied or cancelled whilst in Thailand. A refund administration fee will also be applicable. There are no refunds on accommodation if; you shorten your stay and fly home earlier, you cancel at the last minute prior to departure, decide to stay somewhere else. No refunds on any part of the deposit invoice. Enquire with a CosMediTour Rep for more information.
Research – Procedure informationHighly recommended that you do your own research about the procedure you are after, including the potential inherent risks and complications. The more ground knowledge you have, the more understanding you will have when discussing the surgery with the surgeon. (See Procedures) Please also read our Education Blog posts on our website for further research.
Revision surgery – for surgery performed by a different surgeonClients wanting revision surgery for whatever reason from a previous surgery by a different surgeon, you must communicate with your previous surgeon firstly for your options. At time of Assessment, all information is required of this previous surgery and why is required and then determined on a case by case basis, and if you will be accepted by the new surgeon or not. Revision Surgical Outcomes are never guaranteed.
Risks & ComplicationsAll surgery procedures come with potential risks and complications and inherent ones, whether it is for medical, elective or cosmetic. It is important that you research and understand this aspect of surgery. (See Procedures and Research)
Safety – Am I safe in Thailand?If you stay out of harm’s way, then you will not have a problem regarding personal safety. Stay away from dark alleys, streets, suspicious-looking individuals and groups. Do not accept lifts from strangers and those who are not operating a legitimate taxi or tuk-tuk. Every country has its element of “unsafe” including the ever-present act of terrorism. You are responsible for the safekeeping of all personal items you take with you. Use the room safe and do not carry all your identification, credit cards or loads of cash when going out.
Shopping – Where to go?Phuket has great shopping, but Bangkok is a shopping haven. Department stores, individual boutiques, markets etc. depending on what you are after and your budget, Thailand caters to all tastes and wallet sizes. Some only accept THB cash, others Credit or debit cards. Do some research on the internet about Shopping in Phuket and Bangkok, you will find everything and the website. Just type in: Shopping in Bangkok. You can also ask some of our previous clients about where to shop via the CosMediTour Facebook forum.
Sights / Activities – what can I do?Bangkok and Phuket offer all kinds of activities and sightseeing. This depends on your recovery post-surgery. The CosMediTour Bangkok or Phuket Client Relations Manager can assist you once you have completed your surgery. But get a head start and have a look on the internet and just type in: activities and sightseeing in Bangkok/Phuket.
Smoking – Can I smoke?NO, Just quit altogether! Smoking increases the risk of infection, necrosis and promotes slow recovery. See our educational blog ‘The Impact that Smoking has on Surgery
Staff / NursesThere is no shortage of nurses in our associated Thailand hospitals. You will never wonder “where is the nurse”. They are qualified and trained but please keep in mind, that Thai is the primary language, so English may be challenging at times. Their kindness, sweetness and helpfulness prevail over any language barriers.
Supplements – What is acceptable to take prior and during surgery Supplements are in the form of tablets, capsules, powders or liquids, are not to be taken 2 weeks prior to surgery. Arnica tablets are to be taken on a case by case basis, as all surgeons have a different take on certain supplements. Food items do not fall in the “supplements category”. eg. Yes you can eat fish and garlic or garlic salt as this is a food form. Supplements are concentrated forms of food derivatives. Please enquire with a CosMediTour Rep.

DEFINITION OF SUPPLEMENTS: ALL vitamins, including any Fish Oils, Vitamin E; AND sports supplements: Protein powders, sports fat burning powders and drinks, and so on. EVERYTHING HAS TO STOP AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO SURGERY.

Support Garments – Post-surgeryAre required to be worn depending on the procedure. The surgeon will advise and you must adhere to wearing them. Eg. Breast Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck, Arm Lifts, Face Lifts, Liposuction – all require support garments and are to be worn as recommended by the surgeon. You can buy them here in Australia, at the hospital (if they have your size). The surgical strap of some kind will be applied post-surgery, but not a support garment.
Support in Thailand – Who is there from CosMediTour?During the course of your arrangements, you will be fully informed about every step. Located in Bangkok and Phuket are the CosMediTour Client Relations Managers, who are your point of contact whilst in Thailand. There will also be other clients around at the hospital or hotel to connect with. You can connect with other clients using our CosMediTour Facebook Forum!
Surgeons – Are they qualified?Our Surgeons in Thailand are all senior Plastic Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgeons. They obtain the same standard of education, training, internships, societies and fellowships as all other Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons worldwide – even Australia! Thai is their primary language and their English will have a strong Thai accent. Some also will have specialised procedures they prefer eg. Rhino and Breast Augmentation -v- surgeons who claim they are experts in all cosmetic procedures.
Surgeons – Why do some split their procedures/surgery days and some don’t?Every surgeon is different in the way they perform their surgery. Some surgeons like to split their procedures to ensure that the client is in optimal health before performing any multiple procedure surgeries. This does not mean in any way that the surgeon is any less experienced than that of another surgeon who will perform the same procedure in one surgery slot time. Surgeons are like artists and assess their canvas differently.
Surgery Day – What happens?After your consultation and pre-op tests, you will be scheduled a time for surgery. No drinking or eating 8 hours prior. Depending on your procedure and extent of work that has to be done, surgery time will be 1 – 4+ hours. Full preparation is done prior to entry into the theatre. Easy Breast Augmentation procedures may take an hour. Breast Lift/Reduction with implants may be 2+ hours; Extended Tummy Tuck may be up to 4+ hours; Open Rhinoplasty can take up to 6 hours etc.
Surgical Recommendation (assessment stage)Your Surgical Recommendation from the surgeon is based on your assessment form with medical information and clear concise photographs that have been sent via email. This is a Surgical Recommendation and quote only. NO accommodation or travel included at this stage. When you are in Thailand and have your face-to-face consultation and examination with the surgeon, your final surgical recommendation and costs will be confirmed. (See Assessment)
SwimmingBest to initially avoid and then limit extended exposure to water; baths, steam, saunas, pools, ocean, particularly to any suture sites, for the first couple of weeks, then up to 3 months. Suture sites are porous and susceptible to infection and will result in poor healing and bad scarring. If you are in the water, ensure that it is not for extended times and dry off your suture sites completely, and make sure any bandages or tapes are not soaking wet. If they are, they will need to be changed.
Tanning – Fake or Sun TansNo fake/spray tans before surgery. It is not advisable to expose your suture sites to sunlight after surgery for up to 3 months. Wait until the suture sites are fully healed and have no redness.
Tattoos – Can I do this before or after my procedure?Not advised for surgical clients – at all!! Sorry
Thai Language – Is any English spoken?Thai is the primary language spoken in Thailand. Same as English being primary in Australia. Please listen carefully and speak slowly and clearly whilst in Thailand speaking to a Thai. Some are better than others AND you never know who you are talking to so be careful with any unsavoury comments.
Thailand Client Relations Managers – What do they do?CosMediTour have a Bangkok and Phuket Thai Client Manager as a point of contact for all clients. She is there to assist if you have any problems, hints on where to go, shopping etc. She will also keep a note on how you are in general and report back to the CosMediTour head office in Australia. They are not required to be at your consultation or post-op follow-ups or treated as your personal assistant.
Thailand – Is it 3rd world?A false cliché – 3rd world is the assumption for those that have not travelled and read misinformed media/ forums etc. Sure there is poverty (which is seen as 3rd world) and some terrible socio-economic tragedy, but this also exists in varying degrees worldwide, even here in Australia. However, Thailand has thousands of ex-patriots that live there permanently working in big corporations, big money and serious technology, world-class healthcare technology and services and in some cases much better than our own country and health systems. See Myths About Plastic Surgery in Thailand
What is the time required away for surgery?Every procedure will have a required time away and you are to adhere to this time frame. If you decide to leave prior to, a disclaimer and waiver will be required to sign and you may forfeit any Hospital Surgery Guarantee or Travel Warranty.
TransfersAll inpatient clients are offered airport, hotel, hospital, airport transfers as part of the overall package. However, if you do not proceed or have been denied surgery, transfers will no longer be valid or offered. You will have to arrange with the hospital, a taxi OR pay for the transfers direct to the hospital, and pay for any previous transportation arranged by the hospital.
Transport / Taxi / Tuk Tuks – how do I get around?All forms of transport available are payable in THB cash only. In Bangkok use a metered taxi, or the BTS (train system); try and avoid the Tuk Tuks. In Phuket, Taxi is your primary form of transportation. Tuk Tuk is ok in Patong and some hotels offer a complimentary scheduled vehicle.
Travel Insurance – Should I purchase?Very important that you buy International Travel Insurance which covers theft, losses, baggage, flight changes or cancellation, illness (not associated with surgery). You must please read all the fine print and coverage of all policies. Travel Insurance is not to be confused as the same as Medical Travel Insurance. (See Medical Tourism Insurance)
Thailand Public Holidays and Festivities – what happens?Thailand has many public holidays and fun festivities throughout the year eg. Songkran (Water Festival in April) which goes on for a few days – entailing in a lot of water throwing. We will endeavour to let you know if your trip incorporates a holiday or festivity to prepare you in advance. Surgery date availability will also be affected by these days. See: (Thailand Holidays & Festivities)
TestimonialsWe have a great collection of our real CosMediTour clients – testimonials, images, blogs, Vlogs – surgery and dental. This can easily be found on our Website under (About Us – Client Stories) as well as our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Pages. These testimonials are our seal of approval about the surgery procedures and dental treatments we can offer you.
VisasAre not required if you are staying under 30 days in Thailand.
Warranty – CosMediTour Surgery Travel Warranty. How does this work?  In some cases, Revision Surgery may become necessary following your return home from Thailand. This may be as a result of a medical complication following your surgery, or an aesthetic outcome that necessitates corrective surgery.  CosMediTour NOW offers a comprehensive Surgery Travel Warranty. Payable in advance of surgery and CANNOT be purchased post-surgery.  Valid for 12 months post initial surgery, however, if there is any potential revision surgical procedures post initial surgery, there is a process involved and must be reviewed and accepted by the Hospital Review Board first, after all, required information, reports, images etc. have been received by CosMediTour prior to the 12-month Validity expiration. See CosMediTour Surgery Travel Warranty Terms & Conditions (Not to be confused with Hospital Surgery Guarantee)
Waiting TimesThere are no waiting times for hospitals. However, a travel date must be nominated so a request can be made for availability of the surgeon around your requested time. As some surgeons are very popular, requests that are made (and accepted by the surgeon), will not be flexibility with date changes.
Weight – Is this important?Yes, it is very important! You must be at an ideal weight or healthy range BMI, to be eligible to have cosmetic/aesthetic surgery. Surgeons will generally not accept clients that are overweight due to risks and aesthetic reasons. See Australian Heart Foundation BMI Calculator also Educational Blog – Am I a Suitable Weight for Surgery?
Weight Gain After SurgeryGaining weight after surgery will affect your initial aesthetic outcome. Particularly Breast and Tummy Tuck procedure clients. If there has been weight gain post-surgery and you are not happy with your surgery results, this weight gain alone will be the main reason for your dissatisfaction. Surgeons/CosMediTour are not held responsible for this. Any Hospital Surgery Guarantee or Travel Warranty will be voided.
Weight-loss Plan – Can I still have surgery?If you are on OR going to be on a weight loss plan, only when you have reached your ideal weight loss goal, can you start the assessment process? Not before. Keep in mind the procedures you require may change after weight loss (depending on how much you have lost). eg. Breast Augmentation pre-weight loss -v- Breast Lift with Augmentation post weight loss. Losing weight will affect the structure of your body shape and skin and varying degrees of sagging will occur.
Weight loss via Gastric Sleeve, Band, Gastrectomy, other.Any client seeking cosmetic surgery that has completed a Gastric form of surgery for weight loss within 5 years, is to supply a “fit for surgery” letter from their doctor/specialist/dietician along with blood tests at the time of any assessment with CosMediTour and at least 10 days prior to proposed travel. If once you arrive and complete the required blood tests prior to your consultation/surgery, and the results show less than optimal, you will be denied surgery. Please discuss with your doctor/specialist/dietician regarding surgery and your health status and blood tests. You must not omit any information pertaining to your health status, weight and any medications taken to stabilise various conditions and blood levels; example and not limited to; Anemia and supplements or medications to stabilise iron levels; low blood counts, poor liver function tests.

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