Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

Popular amongst clients with heavy and excessively large breasts, Breast Reduction surgery is a procedure designed to make your breasts lighter, smaller, and more proportionate to your body. Able to address the pain and discomfort experienced by many women with large breasts, a Breast Reduction can also include a reduction in the size of your nipples and areola to enhance the look of your breasts.


Why Choose Breast Reduction Surgery In Thailand
A Breast Reduction procedure with our Thailand Plastic Surgeons can:

  • Reduce pain in your back, neck and shoulders
  • Correct poor posture caused by heavy breasts
  • Improve your freedom of movement and ability to enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Enhance the look of your breasts
  • Enhance your self-confidence

Why Choose CosMediTour For Your Breast Reduction in Thailand

  • Thailand’s best Plastic Surgeons
  • Outstanding Plastic surgery results for thousands of clients
  • 500+ 5-Star Google Reviews
  • Premium private hospitals in Phuket and Bangkok
  • Personal Client Managers to meticulously plan your journey
  • Dedicated Client Liaison support team with you in Thailand
  • Stunning resort and hotel accommodation to recuperate in luxury
  • All-inclusive packages with no agency fees or hidden costs
    Payment plans available

Thailand Breast Reduction Packages


Breast Reduction Surgery bangkok

Breast Reduction

from $9,990

  • Plastic Surgeon & Hospital Fees
  • 10 Night 5-Star Accommodation
  • Dedicated Client Support Team
  • Airport & Hospital Transfers
  • And More…


Phuket Breast Reduction Package

Breast Reduction

from $11,490

  • Plastic Surgeon & Hospital Fees
  • 8 Night 5-Star Accommodation
  • 2 Night Hospital Stay
  • Dedicated Client Support Team
  • Airport & Hospital Transfers
  • And More…
Your Guide to Breast Reduction

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