Dr. Sanguan Kunaporn

Dr. Sanguan offers his fantastic specialised surgical skills from our Hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket.

He is now one of the most sought after surgeons among CosMediTour clients – take one look at his patients results and you will understand why! (see client stories) He is renowned as a serious, innovative Plastic Surgeon, who is willing to take on challenging and complex cases.

Clients find him to be thoughtful and patient with a keen attention to detail and always ready to explain technicalities. Dr Sanguan is specialised in breast surgeries, specifically Breast Augmentation, Lift, Reduction and Revision, as well as male-to-female Sex Reassignment Surgery. This has gained him a huge reputation around the globe.

Dr Sanguan is National Secretary of The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand. Locally he is the Chairman of the PPSI Surgical Committee and sees it as his obligation and goal that all PPSI clients are satisfied and their surgery result is within acceptable standards. He works tirelessly to mentor young surgeons and is happy to share his knowledge and experience.

Dr Sanguan lives in Phuket but also travels to Bangkok for surgery with some patients. Dr Sanguan travels a lot and consequently, his clients are encouraged to book their surgery months in advance to ensure availability.

DR Sanguan