Breast Augmentation Before & After #337

Breast Augmentation CosMediTour

Pre surgery / 4 months post op 

“From the moment I enquired about the possibility of breast surgery, I felt CosMediTour went far and beyond to help me get the exact result I wanted. Communication with my client manager via email and phone calls really put me at ease and gave me a huge sense of trust in the company. There was no question the girls couldn’t answer for me and if I had any concerns they were more than happy to talk me through everything.

I had a CosMediTour rep meet me at the airport who then showed me to a taxi who then drove me to the hospital where I checked in. Everything was already all organised for me by CosMediTour and the process was surprisingly easy.

I checked in and the following day had all my pre-surgery tests. These were a little scary and made me feel nervous but the nurses were really sweet, calming and caring. I met with Dr Sanguan to have my consult. He is amazing, I couldn’t fault him on anything. He takes so much time and care and really listens to what you want while maintaining a realistic, professional and maintainable result. He is really focused on getting everything looking just right and I really appreciated the extra time he took to make that happen for me.

Surgery was a breeze and I had next to no pain except for a little tightness. This really surprised me due to the fact I was so small in the chest. I was given antibiotics and pain relief and muscle relaxants which probably made the whole process a lot more comfortable. The food at the hospital was surprisingly good, nice variety, huge in size, lots of options on the plate and the vegetarian options were delicious too!

After a day or so I was transferred to the hotel where again I was treated like royalty. Nothing was a problem, no question was unanswered, no concerns were unresolved. The food at the hotel was fantastic and my healing process was comfortable while in Bangkok. I was able to do a bit of sightseeing around some temples, shopping at the markets, and general exploring including a few trips on the sky train.

I was so impressed with how well I was looked after at the Hotel. Nothing was too much of a problem and everything was made so easy thanks to the CosMediTour client relations staff around the hotel as well. Food was fantastic and the rooms were nice and big. My bed could have slept 4 people easily and the shower was easy to access and was big enough to accommodate post-surgery patients.

When I arrived at the hospital from the airport it was after hours and I was starving (highly recommend eating at the airport before arriving if you are arriving after 6pm), the nurse was so lovely and accommodating and ended up ordering me a pizza that got delivered to the hospital. The hospital rooms are nice and big, the bed is big and there is a sofa where someone else could sleep. The bathroom was easy to use and accommodating with a bench to sit in the shower. Food was amaaaaaazing! Never had hospital food like it in my life and great vegetarian options! Hooray!

I had my surgery when the PPSI Bangkok Hospital first opened and in the early stages of its relationship with CosMediTour. The language barrier with some of the nurses at times made things difficult but CosMediTour and the head nurse were fantastic to deal with and after that there were no issues.

Not only was my surgery the best decision I ever made, but it was also such a pleasant experience and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thank you CosMediTour, not only have you changed my life, but you made this whole experience such an easy one! I appreciate all the time, effort, and care that was given to me. Surgery in a foreign country was a scary concept for me, but I would highly recommend it to anyone now.”

– Shana

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Hospital: PPSI Bangkok Hospital China Town
Surgeon: Dr. Sanguan
Surgery Details: 295cc, Moderate Plus Profile, Teardrop Implants, Dual Plane, Under the Breast Fold