Dr. Veerawat Tirananmongkol

Known as Dr V to most of his patients, this Plastic Surgeon has become very reputable among CosMediTour Clients. He is a highly requested Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift specialist, who gains the majority of his clients from referrals.

Dr. V is known to be attentive, professional and honest with all his patients to ensure that they are realistic in their expectations and have all their questions answered before surgery.

Dr. V has strong attention to detail and often recommends teardrop implants and or dual plane placement for Breast Augmentation clients seeking a more natural outcome.

His goal is to have happy clients rather than a large overall number of clients – quality over quantity! Generally, Dr. V prefers for his clients to have consultation and surgery on separate days, and this allows for clients to have more time to consider the recommendation and surgical plan, as well as ask additional questions.

Dr. V is a family man with his roots deeply planted in Phuket. He has been performing surgery at Phuket International Hospital since 2000 and became one of the founding members of Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC) now known as PPSI – Phuket Plastic Surgery .

DR Veerawat