Why do I require a Breast Lift?

If you’re one of the many women who have discovered during the assessment process that you are likely to require Breast Lift surgery rather than a Breast Augmentation, try not to be too disheartened. Almost 50% of clients will not be eligible for Breast Augmentation surgery alone and will require a lift to achieve a desirable outcome.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and we all fall victim to gravity sooner or later in life. However, some may experience breast ptosis (sagging) earlier in life than others. This can be due to weight loss, ageing, pregnancy, genetics or general skin elasticity. We have no control over the way our natural breasts sit, but we do have the power to change them!

Degrees of Ptosis (sagging)

As you can see in the image below, there are various degrees of breast ptosis, most of which will require a lift technique. However, in some rare cases, breasts with mild ptosis (Grade 1 Ptosis in the image below) can be corrected with breast implants alone with the use of a Teardrop shaped implant!

Teardrop implants are predominantly bottom heavy which can assist in pushing up the natural breast tissue to help centralise the nipple position. The dimensions of a Teardrop implant vary depending on each case, were as a round implant is symmetrical so does not have the same advantage.

Risks of having a Breast Augmentation when you require a Breast Lift

‘Why can’t I just have implants?’ – If a Breast Augmentation is performed on client who has moderate – severe ptosis (sagging), they will likely experience what is called ‘Snoopy Boob Deformity’. This occurs when the implant sits correctly in the pocket, however, the breast tissue sags over the edge of the implant. When viewed from the side, the breast resembles Snoopy’s Nose.

Snoopy’s Nose side profile looks fuller at the top and the tip of the nose hangs lower. The deformity is caused by the client’s level of pre existing breast ptosis, which required a Breast Lift in conjunction with an augmentation.

How do I know if I may need a Breast Lift?

A simple way for you to check if you could potentially require a breast lift, is to hold a pencil under your breast in the crease area. If the pencil can be held under the fold without you holding it, you will likely require a Breast Lift. However, to accurately determine if a Breast Lift if required, you will need to complete our Online Assessment form and provide images of your breasts for our surgical assessment team to examine.

Another Surgeon told me I don’t need a Lift…

Only a Board Certified, experienced Plastic Surgeon (not a cosmetic surgeon) should determine if you require a Breast Lift. Our Surgeons are fully qualified Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons specifically trained in breast surgery and understand the techniques required to get you the best surgical outcome possible. If our surgeons determine that a Lift is required, their recommendation stands and we will be unable to proceed further with anything less. This is to avoid predicted complications post surgery and is in the patient’s best interest.

Breast Lift Scaring

One of the biggest concerns for women who require a Breast Lift is scars post surgery. Yes, there will be more scarring involved with a Breast Lift however the overall outcome will be far more superior then a Breast Augmentation only. The degree of fading depends on your skin pigment and post-surgery care. See here for more information about Breast Lift scaring.

Check out 100’s of our before and after photos of Breast Lift outcomes on our website.

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