Is Plastic Surgery in Thailand Safe?

Oct 21, 2022 | 2. Blog, News

Care, Support & Plastic Surgery Thailand Style

Plastic surgery in Thailand…ever popular, but is it safe? If you’re starting to look into your dream plastic surgery procedure and want to know why so many people flock to Thailand for medical tourism each year, you’ve come to the right place.

We see it too—that steady stream of Influencers popping up all over Instagram and Tik Tok raving about their Thailand plastic or cosmetic surgery experience. Making the decision to follow them and go for yourself should not be something you jump into without researching. We’ve spent years helping thousands of clients achieve stunning results with plastic surgery in Thailand. During that time, we’ve answered numerous questions and are well equipped to help you tackle all of yours. 

In this blog, you’ll find all you need to know about the level of care and support you’ll receive from CosMediTour plastic surgery in Thailand—from how to know you can trust your Surgeon, to concerns about language barriers, how to plan your trip, and what to do if you have issues once you return to Australia. Come on a journey with us as we break down just how safe plastic surgery in Thailand really is. 

Next Level Care

Assume you’ll have to go it alone when you get your plastic surgery procedure performed in Thailand? Think again. Plastic surgery is a huge revenue raiser for the Thailand economy—because so much depends on tourists travelling to Bangkok or Phuket for their procedures, extra effort is put into maintaining high levels of care and going above and beyond with safety measures. Add to that the benefit of booking through a plastic surgery consultant like us, and you’ve got next-level, exclusive support to see you through. 

We take the stress out of your surgery journey, from start to finish. As part of our process, our Client Support Team will help you plan your surgery and travel, plus we’ll even ensure that you have a dedicated team with you on the ground in Thailand. Got a question you forgot to ask during your research phase? No problem—you’ll have a personal Client Manager to answer it…it’s all part of the CosMediTour difference!

Surgeons You Can Trust

One of the biggest ways to ensure your safety when considering plastic surgery in Thailand is to book in with a Surgeon that you trust. But how do you do that when you live in another country? That’s where we can help. When it comes to plastic surgery Thailand’s best and most renowned Surgeons is what you want. With CosMediTour, that’s exactly what you get. 

Our Thailand Plastic Surgeons are highly experienced and regarded among the world’s best. Each Surgeon we partner with is dedicated to delivering premium care and has developed a reputation for outstanding client results. Our Surgeons work out of world class hospitals across Bangkok and Phuket. Their exceptional facilities include:

  • Advanced technology
  • High-end wards/rooms (akin to luxurious hotel rooms)
  • Highly trained medical professionals who have your needs as their top priority

No matter which Thailand surgery location you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands in the world’s #1 medical travel destination.  

Language Barrier—Not a Problem

If your biggest concern about plastic surgery in Thailand is that there might be a language barrier, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Not only do a lot of our Plastic Surgeons speak multiple languages, many of them also travel around the world to present lectures in Plastic Surgery to highly rated universities, hospitals, and at medical seminars. 

In addition to this, you’ll have your on-the-ground Client Liaison to support you as you navigate Thailand between the hotel and hospital, and you can take a support person with you from home for an extra layer of security and care. Check out our plastic surgery Thailand Surgeon FAQs to find out more. 

Planning Your Trip

Nerves and excitement are guaranteed to arise while you anticipate your spectacular procedure results. Sometimes these feelings can cloud your ability to plan, and they can make packing for plastic surgery in Thailand a nightmare. We have a range of resources to help you organise the perfect, purpose-filled getaway—from accommodation FAQs, to destination guides, and all your travel questions answered

We understand that planning a plastic surgery procedure is tough, let alone one in another country. That’s why we partner with the best hotels and resorts to offer you the perfect place to recuperate. Our packages include luxury accommodation, VIP airport-hotel-hospital transfers, hospital and anaesthetist fees, plus so much more. With us, you get the best all-inclusive prices around, without any sneaky hidden costs or agency fees. 

Added Peace of Mind & Exclusive Support When You Return 

By now you may have picked up on the fact that we really are with you every step of the way for your plastic surgery in Thailand. To ensure that our level of care continues long after your procedure date, we offer our clients a Revision Surgery & Travel Warranty. This means that, in the very unlikely case that revision surgery is needed, we’ll cover the cost of surgery in Thailand, as well as your flights, transfers, hotel stay, and more. 

For added peace of mind, we’re even with you when you return to Australia. We work closely with some of Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeons and, though we doubt you’ll need it, if you do have any issues upon your return from Thailand, we can arrange for one of our local Surgeons to assist.  

Experience Matters

CosMediTour has been Australasia’s most trusted plastic surgery group for over 12 years. We’ve proudly helped thousands of clients achieve incredible results and stand by the fact that when it comes to plastic surgery Thailand is one of the safest and most trustworthy destinations. 

To find out more, or get your CosMediTour journey started, contact us on 1300 000 633.  

Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a General Practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

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