Why Use a Plastic Surgery Consultant (Us)?

Aug 12, 2022 | 2. Blog, News

Park the stress, go with the best

If you’re currently considering a certain Plastic Surgery procedure, chances are you’ve been looking into it for a while. Once you’ve got a general idea of the techniques used and all the different approaches and preferences involved, you might start to look at some of the Surgeons available around you.

For many clients, that’s when the research process gets tricky.

Not only do you have to consider the Plastic Surgeon’s level of skill, and their experience performing your particular procedure, you’ll need to find out:

  • Which hospitals they operate out of
  • How you go about booking them in
  • Whether they have an extensive waitlist to navigate 
  • How many pre- and post-surgery consultations are included in their fees
  • What their fees actually cover (hospital, anaesthetist, consultations etc)

On top of all that, you need to make sure that you trust them—a good client-Surgeon relationship is the key to a perfect procedure. You need to make sure that your selected Plastic Surgeon makes you feel safe and confident that you’ll end up with your unique, desired results.

Having a panic attack yet? We don’t blame you…it’s a lot!

Top 6 Benefits of a Plastic Surgery Consultant

Plastic Surgery consultants can go a long way to reducing the stress involved in your surgery journey. If you want more reasons to choose a consultant, like CosMediTour, here are our top 6 reasons.  

1. Save money & time

Don’t want to spend your valuable time shopping around to find the right Surgeon to complete your procedure? Let a Plastic Surgery consultant do the grunt work for you. No matter the procedure you’re planning (Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck…anything in between) it is the role of a Plastic Surgery consultant to stay up to date with industry trends, make the right connections with the best and most cutting-edge Surgeons, and streamline the whole process for you. 

The CosMediTour process starts with an obligation free assessment which can be done via video or over the phone. That means the first step in finding your perfect Surgeon can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no outgoing costs. From there, we’ll work behind the scenes to make your Plastic Surgery dreams a reality—easy and stress-free.   

2. Get the right Surgeon for you

It’s our job to match you with a Plastic Surgeon who specifically targets your concerns—someone renowned for producing exceptional results, but who also takes the time to listen to what you want to achieve. By using a Plastic Surgery consultant, you can find the right Surgeon faster. At CosMediTour, we start the search right away—once you’ve completed your FREE Assessment and received your unique surgery recommendation, we’ll use our connections to put you in touch with the best Plastic Surgeon for you. 

3. Someone on your side, on the inside

Your health and safety are our top priorities. By using a Plastic Surgeon consultant, you will have someone there to answer all your questions before surgery, and advocate for you every step of the way. There’s so much to think of as you approach your Plastic Surgery date. On top of packing and travelling for the procedure, you might have concerns about the recovery period, or just want to know what your time in hospital will be like. At CosMediTour, we’re here for you. All CosMediTour clients have access to their own dedicated Client Manager, and our Client Support Team is always just one call away.

Travelling overseas for your procedure? We have a team on the ground in Thailand. These local experts are full of knowledge, can communicate with our partner hospitals and Surgeons, and will be there to support you from the moment your plane touches down.  

4. Fee negotiation, without a fee

Get the best deal possible without any hidden costs or agency fees. While some Plastic Surgery consultants do have sneaky fees, we aren’t one of them. Our surgery prices are all-inclusive and cover: 

  • Plastic Surgeon & Hospital Fees
  • Premier Private Hospital Stay
  • Pre & Post Surgery Consultations
  • Breast Implants (if relevant)
  • Dedicated Client Support Manager
  • In-Destination Client Support Team
  • Airport & Hospital Transfers

We have a team dedicated to getting you the best Plastic Surgery package price possible. Click the link to read more information on why Thailand Plastic Surgery costs less

5. Waitlist, what’s that? 

Think queue jumping is a myth that would never happen for a Plastic Surgery procedure? Even though we connect you with the most sought after and renowned Surgeons, you won’t be just another number on a long waiting list. We’ve spent years forming partnerships with leading Plastic Surgeons and they listen to us when we call. Forget waiting lists—skip to the top and get a procedure date at a time that suits you. 

Our Thailand Plastic Surgery packages are conducted in state-of-the-art facilities in the world’s #1 medical tourism destination. Thailand is home to numerous private hospitals, all with surgical set-ups comparable to the most advanced hospitals in Australia. The number of facilities in the country mean that hospital wait lists are almost non-existent. Patients are free to stay until they’re completely healed too, so prepare for premium care in a luxury hotel-like hospital suite (not the stitch and discharge approach you can experience back home).

6. The whole package, sorted. 

Think adding overseas travel to the Plastic Surgery mix is a step too far? It’s not with a Plastic Surgery consultant! At CosMediTour, we think you deserve a little luxury in your life—why not recover from surgery in one of the most idyllic locations in the world? Our Client Support Team will help you organise your whole Plastic Surgery package. It’s our job to ensure that your journey with us is a smooth one. From help with payment options, to flight and accommodation guidance, we know everything ‘medical tourism’ and are keen to share our knowledge with you.

If you have any questions about the benefits of a Plastic Surgery consultant, or if you’d like to get your journey with us started, phone us on 1300 000 633.

Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a general practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

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