All About Breast Implants

Why It’s Important To Do Your Research

The processes leading up to your surgery date can be quite overwhelming, but at the same time, very exciting! Most patients will have their unique goals and expectations for surgery in mind, some women prefer a natural look, while others request a more fake or noticeable look.  Either way, in order to fully understand the procedure you’re about to undergo and the realistic expectation for the look you are hoping to achieve, we highly recommend you become as well informed about your surgery options as possible, as choosing the right implant is key to a successful breast enhancement.

Because everyone is different and there is no one size fits all solution to having Breast Surgery, our implant manufacturers have carefully created a number of different implant shapes, sizes and surfaces to accommodate our client’s wide range of needs.

During your face-to-face consultation with your Surgeon, you can discuss your Breast Augmentation preferences and your Surgeon will recommend a specific size, shape and texture for your anatomy. This will allow for a better understanding of the different types of implants and why CosMediTour Surgeons recommend particular shapes, sizes and profiles for specific body types. Your surgeon will then tailor your procedure and the surgical techniques they will use, in order to achieve the look that meets realistic expectations, as well as complimenting your body shape and natural breast size.

As a rule, we do not offer Saline implants, as these are widely acknowledged by Plastic Surgeons as producing inferior results with greater incidence of capsular contracture.

See here for more information about Saline Vs Silicone breast implants.  

The following factors will contribute in determining which implants are best for you:

  •    Your expectations from surgery
  •    Your current body shape and weight
  •    The amount of natural breast tissue you have
  •    The shape of your natural breasts (symmetry)
  •    Nipple position on your breasts
  •    Amount of sagging (ptosis) of your natural breasts

Types Of Implants

Breast implants differ by shape, surface, and profile. Our surgeons will help you choose the suitable style and size of breast implants based on your lifestyle, body shape, and the amount of existing breast tissue to achieve the cup size and appearance you desire. Once the size of the implant is decided (cc’s) the Implant selection involves:  

Implant Surface: Smooth or Textured
Implant Shape: Round or Teardrop (anatomical)
Implant Profile: Low, Moderate, High

All of our Hospitals use only the highest quality Cohesive Silicone Gel implants from the world’s leading brands Mentor and Motiva. Size (in cc’s) and implant placement will also be discussed with your surgeon and chosen according to your body shape and structure.

Breast Implant Surface – Smooth Or Textured

There are two different surfaced Breast Implants available for Breast Surgeries. Both implants shells have been designed to replicate the natural breast tissue however, the outer shell of the implants come in 2 different surfaces smooth or textured


Smooth Implants

Smooth breast implants are round and have a soft silicone rubber shell; the surface of the implant looks and feels shiny and slippery like a balloon. Smooth implants feel like natural breast tissue. However, they do not attach to surrounding breast tissue and can move freely around the breast pocket, meaning that the surgeon is required to form a larger breast pocket to allow for movement.

Smooth implants are the preferred surface if surgeons are using a Periareola (nipple) incision where the length of incision is limited. Smooth Implants need to be regularly massaged and moved around the pocket to keep it open, your surgeon will inform you of the ideal method and demonstrate this to you after your surgery.

Textured Implants

Textured breast implants have a slightly thicker, bumpy silicone shell, with a soft textured surface almost like soft rubber sand paper. Textured implants come in both round and teardrop shapes and attach to the tissue and prevent rotation and movement. Textured implants are the preferred choice for most surgeons as they are less likely to develop capsular contracture. If you require a Breast Augmentation + Lift, textured implants will give you a more superior result.

If you require teardrop shaped implants, the textured surface can minimise the range of movement of the implant in the breast pocket and obtain a more sustainable outcome. The textured shell ensures that the surface of the implant adheres to the tissue surrounding it, keeping them in their optimum position

Breast Implant Shapes – Round Or  Teardrop

There are two different shaped Breast Implants available for breast surgeries – Round or Teardrop (anatomical) Both implants have been designed to replicate the natural breast tissue however, the shape of the implants are designed to achieve asymmetry and suit the desirable outcome.


Teardrop (Anatomical) Implants

The Teardrop name comes from the shape of the implant, which mimics the shape of the natural breast with the bottom being more filled out than the top. A Teardrop implant can create a more aesthetically pleasing and natural outcome for almost all candidates – offering more side boob, cleavage, volume and shape. They are particularly suited to patients with nipples closer to the inframammary fold, those who would prefer a more natural looking breast with minimal upper pole fullness, and those who have a tuberous or tubular breast shape. 

Tear Drop Implants are only available with a textured surface. If you require teardrop shaped implants, the textured surface can minimise the range of movement of the implant in the breast pocket and obtain a more sustainable outcome. The textured shell ensures that the surface of the implant adheres to the tissue surrounding it, keeping them in their optimum position. 

Why we would suggest a Teardrop shaped implant over Round implants

If you have ‘perfectly symmetrical’ breasts and nipples, and wish to have fake looking breasts also referred to as the ‘bolt on’ look, Round Implants will be ideal. However, our surgeons will go above and beyond to assist you in achieving your dream breasts – especially when you do not have perfect breasts to start with. In our experience with thousands of CosMediTour breast implant patients performed by our Plastic Surgeons over 6 years, round implants will suit less than 50 percent of all cases. A Round implant is symmetrical so unless you have very symmetrical breasts to start with, Teardrop shaped implants are invariably used to help achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

Tear drop implants are currently in higher demand by our clients as the shape can also assist in lifting the breasts (avoiding a breast lift if you have mild ptosis), reducing the risk of capsular contracture and creating a more natural appearance.

Benefits of Teardrop Implants

  • More natural appearance – the teardrop shape more closely resembles a natural breast than a symmetrical round implant
  • The only suitable option for tuberous or tubular breasts
  • Creates more lift at the lower breast pole (if you have mild ptosis)
  • Highly beneficial for patients with minimal breast tissue, to create ‘shape’
  • Creates more cleavage and ‘side boob’
  • Reduced risk of ‘double bubble’ where the nipple to inframammary fold distance is minimal
  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture

Round Implants

Round is the most popular implant shape, these will result in a fuller upper pole and a round appearance, and are a lower cost than Teardrop (Anatomical) Implants. However, as the implant is completely symmetrical and does not replicate the shape of the natural breast shape, it can create a more obvious or ‘fake’ appearance. Round implants can be chosen with either a textured or a smooth surface. 

Breast Implant Profile

The profile of your Breast Implant is referring to how much you want your breast implant to project forward from your chest. Typically there are 3 profile selections – Low profile, Moderate Profile, or High Profile.  Your surgeon will determine which profile is most suitable for your structure based on the size of your natural breasts and the desired outcome of your surgery.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.04.04 pm

Low Profile will be a flatter shaped implant from the chest wall to the projection from the chest wall. Moderate profile, is slightly higher in terms of projection, but can still achieve a natural look. High Profile implants will create a more prominent breast and project further off the chest wall, creating a more fake look.

Your existing breast width is the key factor in selecting which profile is most appropriate for your appearance. For example women with a petite frame may be restricted to a smaller implant, however, could increase the appearance of the implant by having a high profile in order to create a fuller look in proportion to your frame.

Breast Implant Placement

There are three implant placement techniques our plastic surgeons use:

  • Under the muscle (sub-muscular)
  • Over the muscle (sub- glandular)
  • Dual plane (a mix of both)

The placement of the implant will be determined by your surgeon in your face to face consultation as many factors come into the making of this decision such as the amount of natural tissue, skin thickness, skin quality and elasticity and the outcome you desire.

Under the Muscle and Dual Plane placement are the more common/popular options as they offer the best of both worlds, a secure implant placement and a less fake looking option at the upper pole as the chest muscle covers the top edges of the implant. This also allows the implant to be secured not only by the tissue and skin but also the chest muscles – with less pressure on the skin.

Traditionally, Over the Muscle placement allows for a more fake look as the implant shape and edges are more visible. This is suitable for clients with good skin quality, the down side of this placement is that as the skin is doing majority of the work to hold the implant in place, in some cases this can cause the breasts to sag quicker than other placements.

Massaging Implants

When it comes to postoperative care, some surgeons will recommend a massage technique to help ensure capsular constructor does not occur and to ensure the implants settle into the breast pocket.

PLEASE NOTE: All surgeons will give personalised descriptions as to what technique should be used for different implants, incision sites and placements. There are a variety of techniques including massage and a push and hold technique. However it is vital that you use the technique demonstrated to you by your surgeon and not follow the instructions of others as they may have different surgery statistics to you.

Preparation is key to achieving your ideal breast enhancement!!

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Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a general practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

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