9 Reasons You Should Book Through a Major Agency for Plastic Surgery

If you are considering travelling to Thailand for Cosmetic Surgery, you have four main choices:

  • Book directly with a Surgeon, Hospital or Clinic
  • Book through a medical travel or Surgeon ‘portal’
  • Book through one of the many very small medical travel agencies
  • Join thousands of patients that book through the very few ‘Major Agencies’

We can’t speak for the other major agencies, but we can highlight 9 reasons why it is so important to book your Plastic Surgery through CosMediTour!

1. It won’t cost you more… In fact we will usually save you money!

    There are no hidden charges or markups when you book through CosMediTour, absolutely none! The price of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures is exactly the same as if you dealt directly with our Hospitals and Clinics, as our international Hospitals maintain a ‘fixed price policy’ – with no direct consumer discounts possible. The price you pay for any procedures booked through CosMediTour will be exactly the same as if you had made all the arrangements direct with hospitals in Thailand.
    Have you seen our Hot Deals and Packages page? We combine your surgery procedure/s, accommodation, transfers, some meals and other inclusions into one convenient and affordable package. Want to bring a companion? – No problem, we have a small companion charge of $299 and our close affiliation with our selected resorts and hotels in Thailand and Australia means our clients receive heavily discounted rates – exclusive to CosMediTour clients only! You will also receive special bonus inclusions ranging from meals to massages, spa treatments, and even personal staff assistance with your shopping bags! Most importantly, you are flagged in our hotel and resort’s reservations system as a ‘Medical Traveller’ to ensure you receive extra special assistance wherever possible.

2. We organise everything

  • Liaise directly with the Hospitals – CosMediTour is partnered with major International Hospitals in Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui that cater to medical tourists. We are the No.1 Agency worldwide for every hospital we work with!
  • We advise you accordingly on all of our Plastic Surgeons, as CosMediTour has a professional understanding and knowledge of each Surgeon’s preferences for particular surgical procedures and techniques – and this is demonstrated by the surgical outcomes for so many of our Clients that are posted on our ‘Client Testimonials’ section of our website and on our social media pages. Your CosMediTour Client Manager will be able to guide you through all these options to include the best possible choice of Plastic Surgeon for your requirements.
  • Obtaining your personalised Surgical Recommendation from your chosen Plastic Surgeon and relaying it back to you in an understanding manner.
  • Booking surgery dates and all amendments that may become necessary, at no cost.
  • Recommending and arranging suitable accommodation, convenient to the hospital and your preferred ‘recovery location’.
  • Assisting you with booking flights via our affiliated Travel Agency.
  • Provide full support with our dedicated CosMediTour personnel in Bangkok and Phuket – before, during and following your surgery stay in hospital.

3. Surgery can be stressful enough, we’ll give you peace of mind!

We remove all the guesswork, confusion, uncertainty and more importantly the inevitable international communication challenges! We are your support team and will be with you every step of the way – before, during and after your medical travel journey.

Communication between you and the Hospital staff in Thailand can be difficult. We will communicate directly with the Hospitals and surgeons and ensure we obtain the most important information for you.

Although CosMediTour personnel do not provide you with ‘medical advice’, our Client Managers have extensive personal and professional experience in the field of cosmetic surgery and do provide our clients with a wealth of information to ensure you are fully informed to make your surgery decisions.

4. You will have your own dedicated CosMediTour Client Manager

You will be assigned a CosMediTour Client Manager, who will coordinate the combination of your physiology, medical history and desired surgery outcomes, as well as your preferred destination, budget and timing. They will remain in constant communication with you while communicating directly with your Hospital and Surgeon.
Avoid the inevitable language barriers when trying to contact the Hospital directly – Your experienced Client Manager will provide you with relevant information about our Hospitals, Plastic Surgeons and the options available for you that will best suit your personal criteria and preferences.

5. Destination Support Teams & Registered Nurses

In both of our Thailand destinations, Bangkok and Phuket, you will have access to our Registered Nurses, Client Relations Managers, and other dedicated team members to provide the highest level of personal assistance and support in the comfort of your hotel.

We have opened our Bangkok offices near our Hotel Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort, where almost all of our Bangkok clients choose to stay. This is located in what resembles an oasis in the residential green heart of Bangkok, just minutes from Lumpini Park, and adjacent to the finest streets, restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping Bangkok has to offer. Our offices are staffed 7 days a week, and we have our own qualified full-time nursing staff for that extra peace of mind. We maintain a clinic room behind the lobby of our Bangkok hotel Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort where our resident Client Relations Manager and Nurses are located.

Anything you want or need to know about Bangkok or Phuket and your stay will be coordinated by our on-site teams for you.

6. Personalised Client Travel Folio

Every CosMediTour client will receive a personalised ‘Client Travel Folio’ which will be your medical travel bible! Your folio will include step by step instructions for you as well as all the relevant information about your trip including –Hospital information, all transfers, contact numbers, your surgical recommendation, appointment times, what to do when you arrive in Thailand and other documentation and records required to make your surgery journey seamless. We will also provide you with recommendations for shopping, sightseeing and activities pre and post-surgery!

– “The client portfolio was great, so organised and so much information!” – Hayley

– “The client folio is a fantastic idea! It was full of great information which made my journey far less stressful, I always knew what was going on.” – Name Withheld

– “The whole trip was organised perfectly. My folio told me exactly what was going on and where I had to be and when! ” – Anonymous

– “There is no way you can not know what’s happening because it’s all in this folio for you! it’s like a diary of step by step what to do, it’s fantastic.” – Mallory 

7. Private CosMediTour Facebook Forum

Once you become a CosMediTour Client, you will gain access to our ladies only Private CosMediTour Facebook Forum! You can use the forum to ask questions of your fellow medical travellers, as well as upload your surgery images, ask questions, share experiences and other relevant information. You’ll also be connected to other CosMediTour Clients before, and after you travel to arrange meetings and travel buddies – Perfect if you’re travelling solo!

8. Surgery Travel Warranty

CosMediTour offers peace of mind with the option to purchase an additional comprehensive CosMediTour Surgery Travel Warranty. In the unlikely event that Revision Surgery is deemed necessary by the Hospital, the Warranty will cover your additional flights and accommodation back to Thailand. With an additional valuable cover for Breast Augmentation patients – insurance coverage against Capsular Contracture. Surgeries that are covered under this option additional Warranty are Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift/Reduction, Breast Augmentation + Lift, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty and Mummy Makeover. See full details here: Surgery Travel Warranty.

9. Post-Surgery Care, Backup and Support

Throughout your trip and when you are back in Australia, NZ or your home country we will remain in contact with you. We will request you to provide us with post-surgery updates and photos to ensure you are healing as you should be. In the unlikely event, any post-surgery issues arise we will liaise with your Hospital and Surgeon in Thailand or if required source partner medical professionals in Australia, NZ or your home country, on behalf of our Hospitals.

This could be something as simple as relaying a question on any aspect of your surgery to your Hospital or Surgeon – to coordinating revision surgery in the event you are amongst the very small number of clients that for various reason, require revision surgery.

In the unlikely event of additional corrective or revision surgery is required, it will be comforting to know that you’re a valued client of the largest international Medical Tourism agency, that provides substantial business to our partner Hospitals. This is when more than ever you’ll want a Major Agency working closely with you, and acting on your behalf.

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Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a general practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery. CosMediTour Surgery Terms & Conditions apply.

Written by CosMediTour Thailand

CosMediTour is a Medical Tourism Company based on the Gold Coast, Australia, promoting plastic surgery and dental treatments to Thailand & Australia.

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