Top Plastic Surgery Procedures

Top ProceduresTHB from:AUD* from:
Breast Augmentation 99,000 $4,125
Breast Lift + Augmentation 190,000 $7,916
Breast Revision 130,000 $5,416
Tummy Tuck (Full) 130,000 $5,416
Mummy Makeover (Full Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Augmentation) 290,000 $12,083
Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction) 160,000 $6,667
Facelift (Mid / Lower / Neck) 225,000 $9,375
Labiaplasty with General Anaesthetic 85,000 $3,542
Anterior & Posterior Vaginal Repair 135,000 $5,625
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Procedure Inclusions

  • Surgery by a fully qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (NOT Cosmetic Surgeon)
  • General Anaesthesia (not Twilight / Conscious Sedation)
  • Specialist Anaesthetist (not Anaesthetic Nurse)
  • Accredited premium Private Hospitals
  • 1-3 nights private hospital room post surgery in a 5 star hospital
  • VIP Transfers Airport/Hotel/Hospitals
  • Dedicated CosMediTour personnel in Bangkok and Phuket for support throughout your stay
  • CosMediTour Facebook Private Ladies Forums with over 1,800 members
  • CosMediTour Services and 365 day support


  • Luxury Surgery Packages inc: luxury accommodation + bonuses. See HOT DEALS
  • Flights from $600
  • We offer a unique Surgery Travel Warranty at an additional cost that covers return costs for Revision Surgery, Travel and Accommodation for approved patients (Terms & Conditions apply)

All Procedure Prices

Plastic Surgery ProceduresTHB from:AUD* from:
Nipple Graft Lift or Nipple Reduction40,000$1,667
Breast Augmentation with Round Implants99,000$4,125
Breast Augmentation with Tear Drop Implants135,000$5,625
Breast Lift (no Implant)130,000$5,416
Nipple Lift + Breast Augmentation140,000$5,833
Breast Lift + Augmentation190,000$7,916
Breast Revision130,000$5,416
Breast Reduction (no Implant)160,000$6,667
Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)110,000$4,583
Mini Tummy Tuck120,000$5,000
Tummy Tuck (under 80 kg)130,000$5,416
Extended Tummy Tuck (under 80 kg)200,000$8,333
Extended Tummy Tuck (80-90kg)210,000$8,750
Belt Lipectomy300,000$12,500
Arm Lift 105,000$4,375
Thigh Lift130,000$5,416
Liposuction (Vaser) (first two points) only offered in conjunction with another procedure90,000$3,750
Liposuction (Vaser) (additional points) only offered in conjunction with another procedure10,000$416
Mummy Makeover (Full Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Augmentation)290,000$12,083
Forehead / Brow / Lower Face / Temporal Face/ Neck Lift (each)75,000$3,125
Mid Facelift120,000$5,000
Lower Face & Neck Lift185,000$7,708
Facelift (Mid / Lower / Neck)215,000$8,958
Eyelid Lift (upper or lower)40,000$1,667
Chin Augmentation65,000$2,708
Face Liposuction under chin only determined by the surgeon65,000$2,708
Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty)160,000 – 220,000$6,667 – $9,166
Ear Pinning (Pair) with General Anaesthetic85,000$3,541
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) with Local Anaesthetic50,000$2,083
Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) with General Anaesthetic85,000$3,542
Labia Minora Reduction85,000$3,542
Clitoral Hood Reduction80,000$3,333
Posterior Vaginal Repair95,000$3,958
Anterior Vaginal Repair100,000$4,166
Anterior & Posterior Vaginal Repair135,000$5,625

* Note: All procedure prices in Thailand, are ‘from prices’ and are based on standard procedures for non-complicated procedure patients. All AUD amounts for procedures in Thailand are based on 1 AUD = 24 THAI BAHT. This rate fluctuates daily so please check with us for the current exchange rate. Prices quoted in our price list are actual Hospital costs in Thai Baht.

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