Breast Augmentation Before & After #36

“I present my written testimony today to those interested in the possibility of overseas cosmetic surgery. I write my experiences (of one extreme to the other) in hope I am able to ease any barrier or hesitation you have prior to booking with CosMediTour.

Due to a busy work schedule, I arrived in Bangkok on the 30th January after 10pm and had my consultation and surgery the following day. It was all well scheduled and everything ran smoothly the way my CosMediTour consultant, my CosMediTour Client Manager, had promised. I had the option of choosing either a 275cc or 325cc. I chose the 325cc and could not be happier with my surgeon’s recommendation. I have a BMI of 21, a rather small collarbone area and anything above 325cc would’ve caused both long term physical effects and looked out of proportion to my body. I was discharged two days later with my required medications and instructions to further look after my implants.

Early the following Thursday I fell extremely ill due to bacterial food poisoning that had entered my blood stream. We rung the hospital at 2am who put us through to a translator that asked of me to stop all further medication and ring back if things had not improved within a few hours. Several hours later we rung back to hospital, who organised Kathy (one of Cosmeditours representatives) to further communicate with Danya and have me transferred to hospital immediately as my condition worsened. I can’t even begin to comprehend or show my appreciation for all the efforts of each and every staff member at the hospital, Kathy my translator, my CosMediTour Client Manager, Yanisha who worked along Kathy and my surgeon, Dr Worapong. I even had all the individual staff who were on my surgery case come see me and ease me and comfort me out of any concern or worry. As my conditioned finally eased, the hospital alongside my Client Manager continued to communicate with my parents who were eager to have me arrive home as soon as I was discharged. I had my appointment with my surgeon on Saturday brought forward so Dr Worapong could inspect my stitches and see if there was any possibility of having them removed earlier than planned. Due to the fine work and care that had been taken during my surgery, my stitches had already healed over and could be removed that Thursday. The nurses then monitored me for the next 6 hours before making a decision that I had recovered enough to discharge me. Later that evening all letters of discharge were written, pricing had been calculated and further communication with my parents saw me going home the following evening.

After reading this, I hope you have taken into consideration two factors that many hesitate when considering overseas cosmetic surgery. One, the language barrier is not an issue and there are several different ways that have been implemented to avoid any confusion, lack of comprehension or understanding. Secondly, I told you about my experience in hope you understand that the staff, regardless of what part of my journey they contributed too, go above and beyond to make you feel right at home. The hospital itself puts other hospitals to shame, from the downstairs café to accommodate to everyone, the sleeping arrangements, overall cleanliness and attitude of staff.

Although my journey had a negative end due to my personal choice of food, I would still highly recommend CosMediTour as your agency of choice when considering cosmetic surgery overseas. There is no way in the world I could even begin to show my appreciation of every effort that went into my case pre surgery and during my stay in Thailand. The organisation right from my first email to the final result of my breast augmentation was amazing. The continued updates and list of questions and endless phone calls allowed me to tick of something I have aspired to have since my late teens. My breast have gone from an A to a C, and the implants will not be affected by my proactive and healthy lifestyle. It’s given me the confidence I’ve desired to have for such a long time.

Again, I cannot begin to express my appreciation and gratitude to my surgeon, each and every nurse/translator at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital and those at CosMediTour, especially my CosMediTour Client Manager.”

– Paige

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Hospital: Bangpakok9 International Hospital, Bangkok
Surgeon: Dr Worapong
Implants: 325cc, Round Implants