Our $5,000 CosMediTour Surgery Voucher Giveaway Winner shares her experience! 

“CosMediTour are like fairy godmothers of surgical holidays!”

The winner of our $5,000 surgery Voucher Amy-Lee, recently returned from Bangkok for her Breast Augmentation at the World Medical Centre with Dr. Thiti. Amy-Lee shares her surgical experience with us!

PRICE – The price in Thailand will vary, but were approx $3k, as opposed to Adel which is $8-$12k. Bris and Syd (which are also available with CosMediTour) are approx $5-6k.

THAILAND – has some of the highest accredited & experienced surgeons in the world. It isn’t known for its ladyboys for nothing! Their work is sound. I knew I was in good hands & I never ever doubted it. Why? Because I researched!! Plus, the private FB forum of around 5000 girls who have been there for surgery was extremely reassuring.

world medical centre“The World Medical Centre is literally the most amazing place I’ve been in! The inside looks like a Men In Black facility. It’s so futuristic, huge, clean, and nothing like the hospitals back home!! And all I can say is, this place has been amazing. My private room was the size of my house I swear, with an ensuite, kitchen, lounge, two TVs and a bed that I miss so much haha. So a huge thank you to CosMediTour for this amazing opportunity to literally fulfil my dreams of getting a BA. I can’t even put into words how thankful I am!”

QUALITY – I don’t care what anyone says (because the people who talk shit almost certainly have not had surgery in Thailand) the extreme HIGH grade of cleanliness, care and quality that was the World Medical Centre was nothing like I’ve ever seen. My private room had a kitchen, lounge, bed, two TVs and private bathroom. I was checked every 1-2 hours throughout my stay & the day after surgery was consulted again w/ my surgeon.

Before and after“Before and after.. Just wow. I can’t thank CosMediTour enough for what they’ve done for me. I’ve wanted this done for as long as I can even remember and I can’t believe it finally happened! 375CC, Round, Textured, Over the Muscle moderate profile plus with Dr Thiti at the World Medical Centre. 11 days PO.”

RECOMMENDATIONS – before even arriving, I had several recommendations from surgeons sent to me, regarding what they thought I should go ahead with. You can choose your surgeon. When arriving in Bangkok, you’re scheduled your consultation to talk sizes, risks, concerns, aftercare, you can try on fake boobs too! You get your blood work done, X-rays etc & in my case, my consult was the same day as surgery so I just checked into my private room until it was time to go!

SIZE – I got round implants (because of my chest size, round was best & also more of a fake look which I like), textured gel, moderate plus profile, 375CC over muscle.

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AFTERCARE/PAIN – Waking up- pain was about an 8/10- I was checked on every 1-2hrs & had more morphine over night. Moving & standing is almost impossible by yourself! Lucky I had Bren help! Day after surgery we went back to the hotel, I mostly slept, back pain was pretty bad too. You get given a lot of advice & medications to take home. 3 or 4 days PO I was still quite sore, but we still shopped! 7 days PO I had my follow up appt & stitches removed.

WHY USE COSMEDITOUR? – Because they will do it all for you! From organising your hotel, your hospital stay, all your airport and appointment transfers, all your numerous surgical recommendations from multiple surgeons and finally booking it all in, reassuring you and being there for all your questions 24/7! Nothing is over looked, you’re kept in the loop and given all the info you need. I couldn’t imagine having to do this without them. They’re like fairy godmothers of surgical holidays – or just surgery itself!! I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me. Words can’t even describe how happy I am and how thankful.

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