I spoke to many agencies, but was happiest with CosMediTour!

“I had big boobs up until I started competing, I used to fill that bra. within weeks they disappeared leaving me very unhappy. It was such a mental conflict, because I had worked so hard to get the body I wanted, but having no boobs just ruined it.”

“I made the decision to get them done, and spoke to many agencies, but was happiest with CosMediTour. My rep made me feel comfortable and like I was in the right hands. I booked my surgery and flew out a few days after my competition. The whole process was very easy and I had a good recovery. I am so happy with my new set, they look so natural, and no one has been able to tell I had work done! (I wasn’t flat for very long!)” 

– CMT client

Procedure: Breast Augmentation + Lift
Hospital: Bangpakok9 International Hospital
Surgeon: Dr. Thiti
Surgical details: 275cc, High Profile, Under the Muscle.