Everybody over there made me feel so at ease!

Breast Lift + Augmentation - 250cc, Round, Dual Plane Placement, Lollipop Incision

“All of the staff at Sea Sun Sand were extremely friendly and accommodating at all times. The cleaning staff on our floor felt like friends by the end of the week, something that I have never experienced anywhere I’ve ever stayed before.

The food was lovely and nothing was a problem anywhere I went in the hotel. The level of english speaking staff was impressive as well. Everyone wanted to help.

All of the staff and nurses at Phuket International Hospital were extremely friendly and accommodating at all times. 
The process at the hospital was so smooth, there was nothing that went wrong and at all times there was somebody checking that I was ok and confirming my allergies at every step of the way to ensure there was no complication. This isn’t something that I’ve experienced back home. There was never a wait for any appointment, initial, checkup or final, and the transfers were always on time as well.

Everybody over there made me feel so at ease, something that it is very important during an overseas procedure, or any procedure at all. I would highly recommend going there to anyone i know or care about.

My CosMediTour client manager was such a great help throughout the whole experience. From handling my initial request, to organising a very tight scheduled appointment and then dealing with a last minute change of place and doctor. She was wonderful. It was great to have her over there at the same time as well. Although she was over there on another assignment with a group tour she was still always ready able and willing to handle any query or worry I had, though they were very few due to the excellent customer care of the hospital staff.
I was pessimistic about an overseas procedure, but my surgical need and funding made it my only available option. And thanks to CosMediTour I am now no longer pessimistic about overseas procedures at all. They were able to make it a trouble free, enjoyable experience, something I would not associated with hospital procedures at all after having two previous c-sections and one being an emergency. It was nice to be in a good frame of mind going into an operating room for once. My friend even commented on the fact that I was being wheeled away with a big smile on my face and laughing, something she didn’t expect either, but the staff at the hospital, the overseas consultant Arunwan and Dr Sanguan himself, made it impossible to feel any other way.

Arunwan was amazing over there. She helped in any way she could, even if it wasn’t to do with the procedures or the hospital. Her genuine concern and friendliness makes her the ultimate asset for CosMediTour. Definitely a keeper.”

Thanks again everyone.

– Amanda, Burpengary Australia

Procedure: Breast Lift + Augmentation
Hospital: Phuket International Hospital
Surgeon: Dr Sanguan
Surgery Details: 250cc, Round, Dual Plane Placement, Lollipop Incision