Had a wonderful speedy recovery and would do it again in a heartbeat!

“I’ve always been happy with my boobs, but being single I was just never fully comfortable taking off a bra in the bedroom. I decided to enquire with CosMediTour in April and within 6 months I was going to be having surgery done. I took my mum over for support and company.

The process was quite simple & after receiving the two doctors recommendations (1x phuket 1x bangkok) I decided to go with Dr Chatpong in Bangkok. Once over there it all happened really efficiently. Day one was spent at the BPK 9 residents and filled with tests accompanied by Por (an english speaking consultant) and a chat with my doctor, who explained all risks and helped pick an adequate size. Day two I was booked in to have surgery in the afternoon and despite being afraid of needles, I was so ready and prepared for the life changing surgery, the needles and wait was bearable.

Once the surgery was done, pain relief was great and nurses constantly ( like every 2 hours) checked on me. While staying at the hospital I met 3 other ladies from all over Aus that were having surgery too, which was grate to chat to and compare feelings. By day four, I was feeling really well and shopping was fine! Mutzee was just the best tour guide/ cosmeditour consult at the hotel and could direct and assist with any questions.

I had two lazer showers there and by day 7 I had my stitches out and everything was healing really well and quickly.

By day 11 I was back on the plane heading home to the GC and they have healed and ‘fluffed’ perfectly. I ended up going with 275cc under the muscle, high profile because I wanted just a full natural sized busts. I have now been sized and have gone from a B cup to an E!! Can’t explain how happy I am with them and would honestly recommend the process to anyone.
For anyone tossing up between Phuket and Bangkok, I’ve been to both 3 times each now and can safely say Bangkok is more ideal for surgery, mainly because 1. You can’t drink alcohol (so cocktails by the beach is out if the question) 2. You can get sun on your new assets or swim (so again beach/pool out of the question and just a tease staying across from it) and 3. As much as it’s a holiday, you really need to focus on healing and staying well so tourist attractions are pretty much out of the question). You can always go back again once you’re better.

Bangpakok9 International Hospital was great, really efficient. All the nurses spoke at least some English and were always popping in to check on me. The client services reps were AMAZING. I had Por look after me and she was so beautiful and kind. My doctor was great and the recovery speedy.

CosMediTour was awesome. Received all the info I needed and Mutsee and the staff were lovely. I wouldn’t have done this without the constant support and women I met over there, which have helped ease my mind and provide support through the process. Had a wonderful speedy recovery and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

– 20 year old Gold Coaster

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Hospital: Bangpakok9 International Hospital
Surgeon: Dr Chatpong
Surgical Details: 275cc, High Profile, Round, Under the Breast Fold, Under the Muscle.


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