Don’t judge it till around 3 months!

Pre surgery / 4 weeks post surgery

Procedure: Open Rhinoplasty Surgery (including hump removal, bridge lowering, bony base narrowing, columella shortening, and tip refinement).
Hospital: The World Medical Center
Surgeon: Dr. Montien

“Almost 3 months post surgery and I’m really starting to feel a lot better about my nose, it’s been a long long longggg 3 months tho and really wasn’t easy getting used to my face now but it’s so true what they say about – don’t judge it till around 3 months because that’s when you start to really see your results! There’s still quite a bit of swelling left, but overall I’m a lot happier about making the decision to go with this procedure ☺️☺️ anyone wanting to have their nose done, just know IT’S A LONG emotional process!” – Jess @jessmccullochh