The best decision I have made for myself

Pre surgery / 2 weeks post op 

“I am 29 years old, have had 2 beautiful babies and breastfed them both. My breasts served their purpose but left me with very flat deflated breasts, lacking confidence and I hated looking at my body. The confidence I have gained already is amazing! I love my new breasts! I feel so feminine and I feel like they are appropriate for my body, as they’re not too big. I am so happy with how they look so far!

I have had no troubles with CosMediTour to date. I received a phone call 2 days prior to leaving, an email a few days in to my holiday and a phone call and email upon return. I have found the girls to be very helpful and knowledgeable! I would and have recommended CosMediTour!

I had a terrific time at PPSI Hospital, It was clean! It was very modern, and the staff were all so caring and attentive. Everyone was very friendly. The whole process was so smooth and pre op tests were very efficient! X-ray and bloods done one after the other, so quickly, as it was all in the same building and floor.

The nursing staff and assistants were amazing, the language barrier was not even an issue. Dr Veerawat was awesome! He had a little sense of humour which I found very helpful to calm the nerves. I felt in very safe hands the whole time. I’m a nurse in Australia and the standards in the PPSI hospital were very high and definitely on par if not better than here.

The Amari Phuket was lovely, the staff were so friendly and very helpful! The location was good too, just a nice short stroll down the hill to shopping and a tuk tuk ride home!

The recovery process is been quite easy. I went in feeling really positive and I think that helps. There has been minimal pain, just slight restriction as I am still recovering. But so far the whole thing has been great! The best decision I have made for myself!”

– Name Witheld

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute
Surgeon: Dr. Veerawat
Surgery Details: 370cc, Moderate Profile, Teardrop Implants, Over the Muscle, Under the Breast Fold