Thailand Plastic Surgery

9 Tips to Secure Your Personal Belongings Whilst Travelling

Travelling involves carrying your belongings with you whilst moving from one place to another – no matter where you are in the world.  Whilst travelling gives great excitement and adventure, it also can involves risks, which can be managed...

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Why Travelling Solo is Better than Travelling in a Group

In the past medical group travel, otherwise known as ‘Group Tours’ was seen as the best way to travel overseas for Cosmetic Surgery. Find out why travelling in a group is no longer necessary with CosMediTour! Around the clock...

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How Can Arm Lift Surgery Help You?

Do you love sleeveless outfits, dresses and jumpsuits, but hate showing your upper arms or fear of getting photographed? Sagging arms, commonly known as ‘Tuck Shop Arms’ are the bane for many of us who want to reveal a...

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