Benefits of a Teardrop Implant

You want a Breast Augmentation, but you still want your breasts to look as natural as possible and not to resemble Pammy circa 90’s? Then Teardrop implants might be for you!

Natural Breast Shape

Teardrop implants, also known as Anatomical implants, resemble the female breast shape, and therefore provide the most natural appearance. Teardrop implants, as the name suggests, are the shape of a teardrop and create a tapered upper pole, with a gentle slope contouring down to a beautiful fullness in the lower pole.

Some Doctors performing Cosmetic surgery who advise against Teardrop implants, generally have no experience with using them, as they require an advanced technical skill set. Luckily, CosMediTour Plastic Surgeons are highly experienced and can offer you a choice of either round implants or Teardrop implants, depending on your anatomy.

More Side Boob and a Closer Cleavage

The side boob trend is here and it isn’t going away any time soon! Thanks to Teardrop implants sitting higher on the body and having a full lower pole with a wider base diameter, a more natural looking closer cleavage is formed, this includes the beloved ‘Side Boob’.

Suitable for Wide Set Breasts

For women with wide set breasts, Teardrop implants can be the perfect solution in balancing a wider frame, as the implant has a wide diameter and moulds the breasts into shape. This is achieved by centralising the breast tissue and closing the cleavage.

Can Assist in Eliminating Mild Breast Ptosis

In some cases, Teardrop implants have an ability to offer a slight lift to a very mild case of breast ptosis (sagging breast tissue), due to the projection of the implant. Due to this, Teardrop implants have assisted clients in avoiding a Breast Lift procedure.

Suitable for Petite Body Types or Women With Minimal Breast Tissue

Women with a petite body type or limited amount of natural breast tissue are generally recommended a Teardrop implant over a round implant, as Teardrop implants can disguise the appearance of thin Breast tissue, whilst assisting in providing a more proportional body shape.

Lowers the Risk of Capsular Contracture

Teardrop implants are filled with a durable formulated highly cohesive silicone gel, which is slightly firmer than the silicone gel within a round implant, and designed to lower a client’s risk of rupture, whilst maintaining a natural firmness. The coating of a Teardrop implant is a firm and micro texture, which can assist in lowering risks of capsular contracture, and better maintain a long-term breast shape, in comparison to round implants.

Can Assist in Correcting Tuberous Breasts

Teardrop implants are commonly used to correct Tuberous Breasts, also known as Tubular Breasts, which occurs when the breasts are constricted at the base as they develop,  therefore, creating a short distance between the nipple and the breast fold. This gives the Breast a ‘cone-like’ shape.

An experienced Plastic Surgeon with a highly specialised skill set such as a CosMediTour Plastic Surgeon, can use different techniques when placing the Teardrop implant, including scoring of the breast tissue. This can then create a greater projection in the lower pole, helping to centralise both the nipple position and breast tissue, allowing for a superior aesthetic outcome.

Note: Teardrop implants do not alleviate the need for a Breast Lift if this has been recommended for you.

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Written by CosMediTour Thailand

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