How Can Arm Lift Surgery Help You?

Do you love sleeveless outfits, dresses and jumpsuits, but hate showing your upper arms or fear getting photographed? Sagging arms, commonly known as ‘Tuck Shop Arms’ are the bane for many of us.  The excessive sagging experienced by many often occurs as a result of natural ageing, weight loss or hereditary conditions. Fortunately, if you and your arms have fallen out of love, there is now an easy way to get rid of ‘Tuck Shop Arms’.

Arm Lift surgery, also known as Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure which reshapes the upper arm by removing excess skin and fat. Arm Lift surgery is an advanced surgical procedure and provides a safe and effective way to transform your upper arms by removing excess skin in one surgical procedure. Due to its positive emotional benefits and improved physical reshaping of the upper arm, Arm Lift surgery is fast becoming one of the most popular procedures being performed by CosMediTour Plastic Surgeons in Thailand.

What Makes Arm Lift Surgery So Popular?

Some of the benefits of Arm Lift surgery include:

  • An improved physical appearance of the upper arms
  • Ability to do more everyday tasks 
  • Slimmer and more defined upper arms
  • Improved self-esteem and body confidence
  • A better clothing fit

Every year, thousands of people undergo successful Arm Lift surgery, with exceptional results. Although all cosmetic procedures require realistic expectations, our Arm Lift Surgery clients have been extremely satisfied with their results. Your CosMediTour Plastic Surgeon and Client Manager can assist you with making a realistic surgical outcome expectation.

Below are the different types of Arm Lift Surgeries available to you:

Mini Arm Lift – This procedure pulls the excess hanging skin upwards and tucks the excess skin into the armpit. This works best if the client has loose, crepe-like skin in the lower inner arm area near the armpit, and does not have too much excess fatty tissue.

Full Arm Lift  – If the excess skin extends like a ‘batwing’ from the armpit to the elbow, the most suitable option is to remove the fatty tissue in a Standard Arm Lift.

Extended Arm Lift The incision is extended along the arm and into the chest area to include loose skin and fatty tissue that is just under the arm along the side of the chest wall. The Extended Arm Lift is similar to a Standard Arm Lift, except the loose skin is common in this area for patients who have had massive weight loss.

Liposuction – Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with Arm Lift surgery, using ultrasonic energy and a heating technique. It melts the fat tissue and reduces excess fat, assisting in a superior outcome. Liposuction is only performed in conjunction with a surgery as the results alone from Liposuction are extremely inferior.

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Disclaimer: Please note any information provided should be used only as an information guide and not CosMediTour giving advice. Please ensure you do your own valid surgery research and seek advice from a general practitioner to enable you to be fully informed about surgery.

Written by CosMediTour