CosMediTour works with renowned fully qualified and highly skilled dental specialists to create your dream smile, our dental clients include Hollywood actor Dan Ewing and popular health and fitness coach Zac Smith + many more!

You will find our leading accredited clinics and hospitals located in both Australia and Thailand.  With a passion for integrating all aspects of dental care, our Gold Coast dental specialists pride themselves in attention to detail, giving you the confidence to know that your treatment is tailored for your dream smile. Our Gold Coast Dentists specialise in cosmetic smile makeovers.

In Thailand, our dental clinics are internationally recognised and have long been acknowledged as some of Thailand’s premier dental facilities, with thousands of happy International clients our Thailand Dentists work is evidently world renowned. Featuring state of the art equipment, including an on site veneer laboratory for personalised fabrication of crowns and veneers within a modern and relaxing environment.

Not only are our prices competitive, you will have your very own Client Manager to assist you along the way on your smile makeover journey!

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