Rhiannon Langley’s Rhinoplasty Experience

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“Before I start, this is a written up blog on my experience of Rhinoplasty overseas, I don’t know much about surgery, it is just what I went through and my journey. The blog post contains some graphic photos. 

So where do I begin! First off I’ll take you back to why I did it, this is something I’ve always wanted, I’ve always said to my friends one day I’m going to get my nose done. They used to just laugh and think I was joking, but every time I took a photo the first thing I would check was if my nose looked big. When something is a major insecurity to you, it is all you see. My nose may have not been bad to some of you but to me, it was everything I hated! When Jody proposed to me, the thought about the day made me want to get this even more, so I thought screw it, I’m doing it! Everyone’s reactions were different, and most of them all said the same thing- “You don’t even need it”, “what’s wrong with your nose”. It frustrated me because no one understood, but when I put myself in their shoes, why would they, if they didn’t have this insecurity about their nose? The biggest issue I had with my nose was a ‘hanging columella’ (google it if you’re not sure). It’s like a droop on the tip, it also hung to the right.

Researching Medical Tourism Agencies

So, the first thing I did was google everything on Surgeons, prices etc. and when I saw the price in Australia I was like oh hell no! There’s no way I can afford to get this done and pay for a wedding! So I started looking overseas, Bangkok seemed to be the most popular and reasonably priced destination. A few of my friends had gone over for their boobs and I also knew someone who had a tummy tuck. I sussed all their photos and messaged them for their opinions on medical tourism, all of them said it was awesome.

So I started looking into agencies and the ones they went with. I decided to go with CosMediTour after doing all my research. I looked at their testimonials and feedback, it was all so positive so I thought I’m doing it! I emailed them to get a quote and recommendation, then booked it for 6 months so I had enough time to save up. When I looked into Rhinoplasty in most cases it swells for about 6 months after, so I made sure I had enough time before my wedding date for it to go down. 

I paid for a package and everything was organised. Appointments, transfers and accommodation were all sorted for me. Once you get your recommendation they give you a client manager, so you only chat with one person which makes it much easier to keep track of any details you need. We have been to Thailand before, this was my second time and fourth time for Jody, so we decided to only book for the surgery dates recommended then come home, if you haven’t seen it before or been there, I definitely recommend travelling a little before or after surgery so you get to see the beautiful country.

To tell or not to tell people?

The more I thought about it the more excited I got and I started to tell everyone! Even my clients were so excited for me! So after a few months, I started thinking, what am I going to do with Instagram? Many people follow me, so do I just own it, or try to pretend I did nothing? I’ve never been a good liar, so I thought why the hell should I have to hide it or lie? I understand it may not be for everyone but it’s for me, so maybe when I explain why, they’ll understand a little more. 

I started looking up rhino journeys and couldn’t find much at all. So, instead of just telling everyone what I was doing I thought I’d blog about it. All you normally see is an amazing before and after, no one really shows you what the in-between is like, so I decided to share photos and videos. Not everyone’s experiences are the same but I thought sharing mine would help the people who are in the same situation and want to see the not so beautiful recovery stages.

Heading to Thailand

So off we go! Jody and I headed to an amazing island just off Phuket so we could feel relaxed before I went in for surgery. Paradise Koh Yao Resort & Spa was absolutely breathtaking, we had an amazing room with our bed overlooking the palm trees and ocean. We also had our own private spa and outdoor shower! I seriously recommend going here! Such a romantic destination and relaxing environment to prepare myself for surgery.

paradise-koh-yao-resort-and-spa paradise-koh-yao-2 mocktails-on-the-beach

We got off the plane from paradise and it was straight to the hospital (Samitivej Srinakarin). It was such a clean and professional hospital and all the nurses were so happy and willing to help me at every turn. I met up with my surgeon Dr Montien, he spoke really good English and asked me the specifics about what I wanted to achieve. CosMediTour had sent him the pictures I sent in of what I wanted, he told me what was possible, but not so much on the bridge, as if he made it too small I would have trouble breathing. He asked me if I wanted a big or small change and originally I had thought a small change, but I didn’t then I thought if I’m doing it, I’m going to do it big. I didn’t want to regret anything and have to go back again if I wanted more done, so I decided to get exactly what I wanted the first time around. He told me we would have to break my nose for what I was after, shave the sides and top to create the curve I wanted, remove the cartilage from the droop and cut my nostrils to bring them in and down. I was thrilled with how professional he was, he told me all the possible side effects and complications along with recovery time etc., I knew I was in good hands. After all that I had my bloods taken, x-rays & health assessment to make sure I was healthy for surgery.

CosMediTour had booked us in at the Aetas Residence in Bangkok, and by the time we got back we were so tired from travelling and being at the hospital all day, we just crashed. Had a big dinner as you can’t eat or drink usually after midnight before surgery.
The outdoor pool area is a great place to relax and soak up some sun before your procedure Relax after surgery beside AETAS Residence outdoor swimming pool with whirlpool

Surgery Day!

On the day of surgery, I was freaking out. What I was about to do had hit me and I was starting to do the WHAT IFS. What if I regret it, what if I hate it, what if I have complications? I had a small sook, and then got it together. Everyone I know who’s had surgery told me you do this, but it’s a risk you’re willing to take. CosMediTour organised one of their staff members in Thailand to help us along the way (Mutsee). Anyone who’s been through CosMediTour knows her. She’s such a character and always cracking jokes, which makes you feel relaxed and confident. She came with us to the hospital, spoke to the nurses and was with me for everything before heading off to our room. The room was insane, it was huge! Had my own private room, flat-screen TV, bar fridge, it was crazy! They let Jody stay as well, he had a couch to sleep on which I thought was so nice, it definitely made me feel better knowing he would be there all night.

Dr Montien came to my room to check on me and told me he’d see me in surgery at 130pm. At this point I still hadn’t eaten or had any water. I was actually getting excited now! At 1ish I said goodbye to Jody and the nurses came to get me. They rolled me into the operating room, it was freezing! So so cold! It was all white and very spacious, I felt like I was in a movie set up or something. I’ve never been in a room like that before, only ever had a minor surgery once in my life. There was about 8 nurses that swarmed me, taking off my robe, wrapping things on my legs, sticking things on my chest, wrapping my hair in a towel, I started to freak out! It was all happening so fast! 

Once I was all hooked up the Surgeon and Anesthetist came in. He injected the General Anesthetic through my IV and I was put to sleep, I don’t know all the medical terms for this but just go with it haha.

Waking up from Surgery

rhiannon-langley-post-operationI woke up dizzy and sleepy, I tried to vomit but nothing came out, I wasn’t in pain I just felt tight and dry, all I wanted was water. I waited in recovery for an hour before I got to go to my room and see Jody. I remember wondering why I could breathe through my nose, and kept asking why (If only you had seen what I looked like and you would have understood why haha). I think my surgery was 6 hours, he said it would be 4hours but it was longer. When I got straight out I only had a small bruising and no pain, but my Surgeon told me everything went really well and to sleep upright. I was so out of it I kept sleeping on my side and turning over, I didn’t sleep well at all! I woke up so swollen, a blood vessel burst in my eye from all the pressure and my left eye was almost closed over entirely. My right was huge too. I took one look at myself and wanted to cry. I knew I would bruise but not this much. They gave me ice packs to help with the swelling and the day I got discharged, the nurses gave me 5 different tablets to take. I think it was 2 antibiotics, 1 anti-inflammatory and 2 pain killers for the 7 days. They also gave me saline and a syringe, so I could flush out my nose regularly. This helped with preventing infections and clearing the nose. I was so groggy and out of it for the day, I just wanted to sleep. At one point I was vomiting, I think it was the anesthetic wearing off and after that, I just kept trying to sleep, I still hadn’t eaten much.

Day 2 Post Surgery

rhiannon-langley-1-day-postI can see yay! My eye had gone down but there was still a lot of swelling through my cheeks and jaw, no pain though. I had soft muesli for breakfast and fried rice for dinner, I still didn’t feel like eating much. Dr Montien came to our hotel with Mutsee and checked on me, he made sure I was getting better and constantly flushing my nose out. He said everything was looking good, which made me feel better even though I had two big red/purple eyes. My ice pack was my best friend, I slept with it and took it everywhere.My nose started to block up and I could only really breathe through my mouth by this point. I went down to the pool for about an hour, and Jody was constantly bringing me cold water and swapping my icepack over. After that, back to bed to rest.

Day 3 Post Surgery

rhiannon-langley-2-days-post-opFeeling horrible and so emotional, no pain just swelling, hungry and over it. Sick of being in the room, sick of sleeping. Just having one of those days. Jody made me get out of the room, which made me feel a lot better. We headed down to the pool and just chilled out. My lovely client manager Emily from CosMediTour suggested getting a laser shower done. I had seen this before on TV on a client that Dr Nassif (famous Beverly Hills Surgeon) had done, as she was what he called á bruiser’. I was open to the idea, but Mutsee had told me this doesn’t work for everyone. It was only 1000 baht ($40 AU) so I thought I’d give it a shot.

It wasn’t painful at all! It didn’t even touch me, it was like a red light being shone over my face. They covered my eyes to protect them and it only went for 10-20mins. I was praying that my swelling and my eyes would go down from this!

Day 4 Post Surgery

rhiannon-langley-3-days-post-opWoke up feeling so much better, I think the laser shower helped me so much! I loved it, so booked in again for another 2 more times! My cheeks, lips and eyes went down enough that I was able to completely open my eyes. We went to the hospital for a checkup and everything was looking good. Dr Montien took some stitches around the nostrils out, it was like a sharp pinch but nothing overly painful. I could finally see the difference in shape on the tip! After seeing my Surgeon, I met a girl in the hallway who also had DR. Montien as her Surgeon. She told me she got her boobs and nose done at the same time! Her bruising wasn’t as bad as mine but she also said how she wasn’t in pain and felt amazing! It was so good seeing someone else going through the same process as I was. I was really starting to feel better, so much so we went to MBK. MBK is like a seven-story shopping mall that has real and knock-off designer items. It was so nice to finally feel happy and really get out of the room.

Day 5 Post Surgery

rhiannon-langley-healingFlushing regularly at this point really helped me breathe through my nose and feel like I was making great recovery progress. We spent most of the days laying by the pool, (yes my face was covered) just having another relaxing day. My hairdresser nails were looking horrible from all the previous colour work, so it was so nice to get pampered and it’s so ridiculously cheap. It was so nice to finally get out of the hotel and do something again! I also had my last laser session. I was starting to love myself more and more by this point! The pain hadn’t been present for days now, just annoying sleeping upright still.

Day 6 Post Surgery

rhiannon-langley-5 days postThe days just got easier and easier at this point. I felt as if I was looking more like myself again. I was due to get the cast off tomorrow, so was feeling super excited and nervous! We decided to go to the weekend market, it’s like 27 acres or something crazy like that! We didn’t last long though, it got too hot and crazy for me. Everyone stares at you as well with the cast on, it’s so uncomfortable but funny at the same time! I bought heaps of goodies for the house, chopping boards, bowls etc. (yes we declared the wood and got through customs with this).
I also had a loss of taste and smell! I had no idea that this would happen. At the start I gathered it was because there were so many tablets involved and I was so stuffy, that it must have been caused by it, but apparently it’s just because the nasal passageways are blocked up. I learnt that most taste actually comes from your smell! Crazy but just a heads up, this is normal haha!

Day 7 Post Surgery

rhiannon-langley-6 days post opToday is the day the cast comes off woohoo! It was really swollen, and numb as to be expected. Dr Montien said I won’t feel the tip for at least a couple of months. Getting the cast off was the worst part of this procedure for me. Having a broken nose, being so swollen or not being able to see was nowhere near as bad as getting the plastic tubes the size of my pinky finger pulled out of each nostril! I didn’t even know they were up there, he removed the rest of the stitches then and said I’m just going to pull the tubes out now. I was like oh yeah no worries, nothing has hurt so far it’ll be fine. Oh my gosh, it was horrible! I felt like I had been punched right in the face. It was like a shooting pain right through my jaw to ear! Horrible, absolutely the worst part of the entire surgery for me! So just a heads up if you’re thinking of having a Rhinoplasty and require a similar surgical technique to what I had, then you will have tubes up your nostrils.

Home Time!

I’m home now and recovering well, the plane trip was fine and I had no trouble at all with the pressure.
It took around 2 months for the bone structure to set properly, and I had to keep pushing the nose slightly in the direction I wanted for the last 10% of the time. The swelling was completely gone within 6 months.
Overall my experience was a crazy roller coaster, but I am so happy with my decision to go overseas and get my surgery done. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! I already feel so much more confident.
I can’t thank CosMediTour enough for being the best agency to do this! Thank you to my amazing fiancé as well for taking care of me and my friends, family and followers support! Again lots of love and thanks for reading my blog post about my surgery experience in Thailand!

rhiannon-langley-before-and-after Rhiannon-langley-rhinoplasty

– Photos 2 weeks post surgery

Peace out Rhi xx”

All images and Blog Post courtesy of Rhiannon Langley from her website.

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