It’s simple but it’s going to change my life so much

“Ever since being a kid I always had man boobs, it’s been a big insecurity my whole life, I got bullied a lot because of it. I tried losing weight, which I did, but I found out this was the only option to get rid of them.

I chose CosMediTour because since I first contacted them they’ve been very helpful. It’s very overwhelming coming to another country for surgery but they took care of everything. The care and the quality of the hospital was so much better than I expected. The hospital was really clean and the care was brilliant. 

The advice I’d give to other guys would be, go for it. It’s very confronting, embarrassing and awkward having to talk to other people about it but the staff, they’re here to help you, they’re not here to judge you. 

I’ve always been held back with life because of it, there are a lot of things I didn’t want to do or I couldn’t do, simple things like taking my top off at the pool, that was a big thing for me and now I can enjoy the simple things in life. I can go to the beach and sit down at the beach and not think everyones judging me, and it’s really exciting. Its simple but it’s going to change my life so much.” 

– Damien

Procedure: Male Breast Reduction
Hospital: Bangpakok9 International Hospital
Surgeon: Dr. Pornthep