I am loving my new assets!

“All in all this was an incredible experience, I was super nervous at first as I have never had surgery but all the staff at CosMediTour and the World Medical Center made me so much more relaxed about the whole thing. I am so grateful to have had this happen and I am loving my new assets as is everyone else! Im so glad I had Dr Montien and I would recommend him to everyone wanting surgery.

breast augmentation WMCBreast Augmentation CMT WMC

The AETAS Hotel was incredible. Best hotel that I have ever stayed at. The room was gorgeous and I couldn’t get over the size of the bed. I could lay sideway and still fit!! The hotel staff were lovely and Mutsee is so funny and helpful. I loved the spa room and the pool as well. Food was great, the buffet breakfast was our favourite every morning. 10/10 all up.

Breast Augmentation 4Breast Augmentation1

I have never been to a hospital so large and clean. My room was huge. I had 2 televisions and 2 large windows to look out of. The World Medical Center Hospital staff were so sweet and Dr Montien was great. Im so grateful that I had him for my operation!

Thank you CosMediTour!”

Breast Augmentation CMTBreast Augmentation 2

–  @pixielacerose

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Package: Bangkok’s No.1 Breast Implants Package
Hospital: The World Medical Center
Surgeon: Dr. Montien
Surgery Details: 300/275, Round, High Profile, Over the Muscle, Under the Breast Fold


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