WATCH Florence Alexandra’s Rhinoplasty Nose Correction Surgery in Thailand!

“I decided to come to Thailand for surgery, because first of all the idea of going on a holiday and recovering by the pool sounded pretty good.”

“I’ve heard really good stories about CosMediTour, so the combination of the organisation, travelling and getting surgery was just a gold formula.”

“Before I started this journey, I had researched Dr Supasid and I noticed that his work is very natural.”

“This whole journey has already been life changing, the moment I looked in the mirror and saw that the bump was gone, I knew my life had become so much easier – that’s just the aesthetic, because I do lots of on camera work and every time I would have to watch myself side on I would cringe! That’s how much I hated it. ” – Florence Alexandra

Destination: SCT, Bangkok
Surgeon: Dr Supasid
Procedure: Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction)