Incredible Dr Supasid Rhinoplasty Results in Bangkok

“My Surgeon was Dr Supasid and the experience I had with him was extremely good! My experience with CosMediTour has been phenomenal and I am extremely happy with my nose. The straightness of my nose is completely different, my left nostril is now rounded and I can breath through it with 100% functionality, the is ridge in my nose is also quite straight now.”

“It will be a lot more enjoyable going back to Australia and exercising now that the left side of my nose is functioning with 100% capacity as the right and just being confident that my nose now suits the shape and size of my face will make a massive difference in my life.”

Pre Surgery/ 1 Week Post Surgery

Procedure: Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction) Surgery
Hospital: Samitivej Chinatown Hospital
Surgeon: Dr Supasid

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