Dr Atikom Performs Balancing Asymmetry Corrective Breast Lift + Augmentation on Jasmine!

Procedure: Breast Lift with Augmentation
Surgery details: Breast Lift – Inverted-T incision (left) Periareolar (right) with Augmentation (250cc, round, moderate plus profile implants with under the muscle placement)
Hospital: Samitivej Chinatown Hospital
Surgeon: Dr Atikom

“My Surgeon was Dr Atikom, everything he did was perfect, the way he measured my chest, he made me feel very confident. I am not a very organised person, so coming through CosMediTour helped me a lot as they do everything for you, they tell you everything that you need to know.

I priced up Australia and England, and coming here with CosMediTour (to Thailand)you don’t just get your surgery, you’re getting the whole package for so much cheaper!

After my surgery, I didn’t feel like I was by myself, because whenever I needed anything the Nurse would be there for us anyway. CosMediTour had staff in the Hospital, they’ve got staff in the hotel, if I ever needed to know something, I would just ring down to the reception and one of the staff would either come up to the room or speak to me on the phone. They’re very friendly and I felt so comfortable with her (Nurse Por), she made me feel very safe and nice. Confidence is massive and I am so excited to be able to just go out and wear whatever I want!” – Jasmine