CosMediTour Client Haylee Travels To Phuket from New Zealand For Breast Augmentation Surgery!

“The one reason I did come over here (to Thailand), is because I know they do this procedure everyday. My Surgeon was Dr Sanguan, I found he was easy to talk to, extremely realistic and the questions that I needed to be answered, he answered them all straight away, he took his time with me and he didn’t rush”

“I was absolutely blown away by the Nurses here (in Thailand) and quality of care they gave. When I got the bandages off I was absolutely amazed, I couldn’t believe what I had seen and I was so happy I actually shed a tear because I was so happy about what I had seen!”

“The one thing I’ve really like about getting my surgery done here is Thailand was being away from home made it a lot easier to relax”  – Haylee, New Zealand

Destination: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute
Surgeon: Dr Sanguan
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgery Details: 300cc, medium, teardrop implants with dual plane placement and breast fold incision