Compare our comprehensive range of services, and you’ll understand why CosMediTour is the No.1 Medical Travel Agency, and chosen by more medical travellers in the region. Don’t chance it alone!

No Agency Service Fee!

As a CosMediTour Client you enjoy the safeguards and many benefits of dealing with a leading Medical Tourism Agency accredited with our JCI-approved Hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket for no additional agency fee! So why go anywhere else? You will receive all services before, during and after your surgery holiday, including in-person, telephone and email consultations with our highly experienced team. We can assist with coordinating and communicating all surgery assessments, booking Hospital and Surgeon appointments and procedures, arranging accommodation, and selected transfers as required. You also have the backup of our dedicated team in all of our surgery destinations.

Expert Information

Although CosMediTour personnel do not provide you with ‘medical advice’, our Consultants and Client Managers have extensive personal and professional experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, and do provide our Clients with a wealth of information to ensure you are fully informed to make your surgery decisions. This is in addition to, and supported by, the professional medical advice and evaluations we obtain for you from our Plastic Surgeons.

Client Managers & Consultations

As a CosMediTour Client, you will be assigned a dedicated Client Manager, who will assess the combination of your physiology, medical history and desired surgery outcomes, as well as your preferred destination, budget and timing. You will then be provided with information on our Hospitals, Plastic Surgeons and the options available to you that best match your personal criteria and preferences. If you have selected a special CosMediTour Surgery Holiday Package, your Client Manager will confirm the potential suitability of that package for your requirements.

Booking Procedures and Surgeons

It is possible to request and book particular Plastic Surgeons at our participating Hospitals and Clinics in Thailand. CosMediTour is accredited with major International Hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket that cater to medical tourists. We are the No.1 Agency worldwide for 2 of these Hospitals, and as such have developed a close working relationship with a number of Thailand’s most experienced and skilled Plastic Surgeons. We have a professional understanding and knowledge of their preferences for particular surgery options and techniques – and this is demonstrated with the surgical outcomes for so many of our Clients. Your CosMediTour Client Manager will be able to guide you through all these options to include a potential choice of your Plastic Surgeon to book with in Thailand.

Destination Support Team

You’ll have access to CosMediTour offices on the Gold Coast, Bangkok and Phuket with our Client Relations Managers, and dedicated team to provide the highest level of personal assistance and support. We have senior Australian and Thai CosMediTour management and support personnel. This enables us to provide the most thorough Client/Patient handling of contact and arrangements for your comfort, convenience and overall experience.

No Surgery Markups

There are no hidden charges or surgery procedure price markups as a CosMediTour Client. The price of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, are exactly the same as if you dealt directly with our Hospitals and Clinics, as these international Hospitals maintain a ‘fixed price policy’ – with no direct consumer discounts possible. CosMediTour guarantees that the price you pay for any procedures booked as a CosMediTour Client and Patient will be exactly the same, as if you had made all the arrangements direct with Thailand. We just remove all the guesswork, confusion, uncertainty and inevitable international communication challenges – and are with you every step of the way – before, during and after your medical travel journey.

We also recommend all potential medical travellers researching Medical Travel Agencies, do their due diligence on the total prices charged and inclusions offered by those Agencies. While it is necessary for some Agencies to be able to charge a reasonable Service Fee to cover various services provided, we are aware of substantial markups being added to the ‘all inclusive prices’ of some Agencies.

Surgery Holiday Packages

CosMediTour offers discounted ‘Surgery Packages’ in Thailand. Which include surgery, accommodation, transfers, breakfast daily and other bonuses. Want to bring a companion? No problem – there is only a small charge for this. These packages are heavily discounted and some are even a ‘Hot Deal’ for a limited time. See our Hot Deals section of our website for our current deals.

Partner Hotels & Resorts

CosMediTour Clients benefit from a carefully selected range of partner Hotels and Resorts in Bangkok and Phuket, with special Hotel rates, inclusions and attention provided for our ‘Medical Traveller’ guests. Special bonus inclusions can range from meals to massages, spa treatments, and even personal staff assistance with your shopping bags! Most importantly, you are flagged in the Hotel or Resorts reservations system as a ‘Medical Traveller’ to ensure you receive extra special assistance wherever possible. It also means if you require any medical assistance in any way whatsoever, we have special instructions and processes for the Hotel or Resort to follow – including contacting our local team.

Flights & Travel

For travel to Thailand, we can facilitate the booking of flights and other travel arrangements in partnership with our associated travel business – which is one of Australasia’s leading travel groups that sends over 30,000 Australian’s to Thailand each year on holiday. For domestic and international flights, we can provide recommendations, however with the ease of booking online flights on many airlines, we recommend you book your own flights.

Client Travel Folio

Every CosMediTour Client receives a comprehensive ‘Client Travel Folio’ with your personal travel details which include – Hospital, Clinic, surgery, transfers and other documentation and records required to make the many aspects of your surgery journey seamless. This Folio will be provided to each Client before their departure date – if your booking is last minute an electronic version of your Folio will also be sent to you.

Private Ladies Only Facebook Forum

As a CosMediTour Client, you will get access to our ladies only Private Facebook Forum, to ask questions of your fellow medical travellers, as well as upload your surgery images and share other relevant information. You’ll also be able to connect up with hundreds of other CosMediTour Clients before, and after you travel.

For example in Bangkok, most of our Clients stay at our principal Hotel partner – the 5 Star AETAS Bangkok Hotel. There are always other CosMediTour Clients at this Hotel to meet, catch up, have breakfast, go shopping with or generally ‘hang out’; and all connected via our Private Facebook Thailand Forum.

Post-Surgery Support

For our Thailand surgery Clients, should post-surgery support be required after your return to Australia, we will continue to work closely with you – from liaising with your Hospital and Surgeon in Thailand (7 days a week), to sourcing partner medical professionals in Australia if required, on behalf of our Hospitals. This could be something as simple as relating a question on any aspect of your surgery to your Hospital or Surgeon – to coordinating revision surgery in the event you are amongst the very small number of Clients that for any reason, require revision surgery. And in the unlikely event of additional corrective or revision surgery being required, it will be comforting to know that you’re a valued Client of a major international Medical Tourism Agency, that provides substantial business to our partner Hospitals. This is one time you’ll want a major Agency working closely with you, and acting on your behalf.

Surgery Travel Warranty

Now CosMediTour bridges this gap exclusively for its breast surgery clients by offering an additional comprehensive CosMediTour Surgery Travel Warranty covering flights and luxury accommodation up to 14 nights, with an additional very valuable cover – insurance coverage against Capsular Contracture for Breast Augmentation patients. Surgeries that are covered under this option additional Warranty are Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift/Reduction, Breast Augmentation + Lift, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty and Mummy Makeover. See full details here: Surgery Travel Warranty

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