Sarah Harris gets her boobs fixed in Thailand!

International Model and CosMediTour Ambassador Sarah Harris returned to New Zealand from Phuket following her Breast revision (implant replacement) Surgery with renowned Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Veerawat.

Whilst on her journey, Sarah shared her entire experience from pre surgery, surgeons consultation and her recovery back at the luxurious 5 STAR Amari Resort Phuket. In a series of video blogs, we will Sarah will discuss why she chose to have Breast Revision surgery, what the Hospitals in Phuket are really like and her reasons for choosing CosMediTour.

Sarah’s Story – Why I’m having Breast Revision Surgery

I found a weird lump in my breast one day and when I went to to get it checked, I was told my breast tissue had herniated & the the lump would need to be removed straight away. As the surgeon would be removing breast tissue, I needed to have breast augmentation surgery as I didn’t want one breast bigger than the other. I told the surgeon I wanted the same size breast implants as my natural breasts as I was about a C cup.

My surgeon put the same size implants in both breasts even though the breast tissue was removed from one breast making them two completely different sizes. Now one breast is a DD and the other is a D and I hate them. I am so self conscious, they’re way too big and one sits lower than the other. Because the implants are too big for my chest they are pressing down on my chest plate and causing me pain when I breathe in and work out and I cannot wait to have them redone in Thailand!

Phuket Surgery | Part A: Pre surgery

Part B: Surgery & Recovery 

I wanted to have this surgery because I wasn’t happy with my first breast augmentation I had in New Zealand. Things like exercise and daily activities, even breathing aren’t very comfortable for me so I’m wanting to get a smaller implant size.

I decided to travel to Thailand for a few reasons, I was recommended a surgeon in Thailand who actually specialises in Tubular breasts so that was my initial reason for wanting to travel to Thailand for my surgery. Also the facilities and the location are beautiful, and I have always wanted to travel to Thailand! The reason I chose to go through CosMediTour was because in New Zealand and Australia, they’re know as the top medical tourism agency and I had many friends who had gone through them. The second I was unhappy with my breast augmentation in New Zealand, I started looking online for answers and I had wanted to go through CosMediTour for about 2 years.

We checked into the Amari Phuket and Oh my god, I can tell you I had not really experienced Thailand until I checked into the Amari, it is beautiful.

I was blown away when I arrived at the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. It is beautiful, prettier than any Hospital I have ever been to, I hope I don’t have to go to a Hospital back in New Zealand because my expectations will be very high. As you know, some people assume the facilities aren’t too clean and they’re very basic, but I can assure you that is not the case at all. It is really spacious and really clean.

In comparison to my first surgery, I’m a little bit nervous I’m not going to say that I’m not, because I never though I would be in the position to have to go back into surgery again anyway, but I know I’m in good hands and everyone has made me feel really at home and I’m really excited about my surgery to be honest.


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